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 Talking Skin Types – Acne Skin

Acne is when there are spots on the skin most of the time, normally with a combination of blackheads, white heads, bumps under the skin and sometimes hard painful boils. Acne skin often comes from within, things like stress, hormones, diet and allergies can be huge factors. What can worsen acne is if the skin is not being cleansed correctly or the wrong skincare or makeup is being applied daily. Acne and is not always easy to treat, but there are most certainly things that you can do to help your skin and to prevent future scarring. 


Below I have listed the must have products, the nice to haves and the bonus products for an oily congested skin type. Please be aware that your individual skin will probably fall into different categories at different times, so it’s a great idea to read all of the skin type blogs to check the characteristics of that type and see if it sounds like your skin today.

I have listed the types of products that I would recommend, in order of how you would apply them to your skin as this is another thing that can be confusing to many of my clients.



Must have – Salicylic cleanser

Must have – Toner (no alcohol)

Must have – Salicylic spot treatment (applied just to spots)

Nice to have – Oil catching Serum

Must have – Oil free sunscreen



Must have – Salicylic cleanser

Must have – Toner (no alcohol)

Must have – Salicylic spot treatment (applied just to spots)

Must have – Oil control moisturiser

Bonus – Twice weekly home peel




Perfect treatments for acne skin:

There is nothing better for the congestion than extraction I’m afraid. We need to clean the pores, it’s the only way to start over, the pores can’t clean themselves and we cannot treat acne with dirty pores.

The Signature Clarifying facial with extraction and Dermalux is my absolute go to treatment to fix congested skin. The facial to deep cleanse, the extraction to remove the blockages and Dermalux to heal the skin. Depending on the severity of the congestion will result in how many sessions are required.

Another great treatment is the Clearskin laser – this treatment kills the bacteria that creates acne, so is incredible in combination with the decongesting facial above, again depending on the severity of acne will result in how many treatments are needed. 


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