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How to save money on your skincare journey

At SKIN lounge Aesthetics, we are very passionate about maintaining self-care throughout our lives and providing ways to introduce it to those who dont have time. Self-care in all forms is paramount, this includes the health of our skin. When we look good, we feel good and when we save money in the process, we… Read more

SylfirmX vs Morpheus8 – Which Micro-needling device is better?

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic treatments, the search for the most effective solution to address skin concerns continues. Two popular contenders in the area of micro-needling treatments are SylfirmX and Morpheus8. While both promise impressive results, let’s delve into the reasons why SylfirmX RF micro-needling stands out as the superior choice. Understanding Micro-Needling: Micro-needling… Read more

Skin issues – Understand and manage your Winter skin woes

As the crisp, chilly winds of winter set in, many of us eagerly anticipate the festive season, hot cocoa and cosy blankets. However, along with the holiday cheer, the winter months often bring a less-welcome guest: skin issues. From dryness and itchiness to redness and chapping, winter can wreak havoc on our skin. Below, we… Read more

The solution to the post-summer skin dilemma

As we bid farewell to the sun-drenched days of summer and welcome the crisp embrace of September, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your body, mind and skin. At SKIN lounge Aesthetics, we understand the unique needs of post summer skin. The dehydration is real, pores are feeling clogged and too much sun exposure has… Read more

The Worlds Greatest Facial – Everything you need to know

This facial includes multiple technologies, designed to hit every layer of the skin and increase hydration, strengthen collagen and work on all aspects of ageing with a specific bespoke product finisher at the end with massive brightening properties. It includes the penetration of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin using HIFU, the Clearlift Laser for lifting… Read more

The 5 Pillars of Medical Wellness and what that means for skin!

We believe that healthy, radiant skin is more than just a surface-level concern and we need to look at lifestyle with an inside-out perspective to achieving healthy skin. At SKIN lounge Aesthetics, we prioritise a holistic approach to skincare that encompasses the entire body and mind. In this post, we will explain the 5 Pillars… Read more

How to know which strength Retinol is best for you

When it comes to skincare, Retinol has established itself as a gold standard ingredient for its remarkable anti-ageing properties. As you step into the realm of medical grade skincare, it becomes crucial to understand how to choose the right percentage of retinol for your unique needs. In this blog post, we will dive into the… Read more

How hormones can impact your skin health – AlumierMD

How do hormones affect skin? Sebum production (or oil production) is a key element in how our skin looks and feels and is controlled by hormones. At the most basic level, if we produce too much testosterone, it’s likely to lead to blemishes. High doses of oestrogen can suppress oil production, then we experience dryness… Read more

Can I use Retinol in the summer?

When it comes to skincare superheroes, Retinol takes the crown. Renowned for its remarkable ability to improve skin texture, boost collagen production and combat signs of ageing, Retinol has become a staple ingredient in countless skincare routines. However, many individuals are hesitant to incorporate Retinol into their summer skincare regimen due to concerns about sun… Read more


Welcome to our brand new collection of informative Q&A’s: SkinTalks. Renowned skincare specialist Rachel, is holding informal, group workshops to share her expertise and unravel the secrets behind mastering the basics of skincare. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast looking to enhance your routine or a beginner seeking guidance, SkinTalks is perfect for you. As an… Read more

Is your skincare making your skin unhealthy?

Skincare has become an integral part of our daily routines and now with an abundance of products saturating the market, we are able to cater to all skin types and concerns. However, it’s essential to recognize that not all skincare products are created equal. In fact, using the wrong skincare can have detrimental effects on… Read more

The truth about professional Peels from an Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner

We have listed some key points which we feel you have to know before having a chemical peel. These treatments are fantastic for maintaining skin health and keeping a youthful appearance and glow to the skin. We recommend these facials to anyone looking to improve their skin regime.   If the skin is functioning well,… Read more