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Truths about Botox vs. non-surgical procedures

Now more than ever, we are seeing an increased number of people opting for injectable treatments, the reason for this is that aesthetic treatments and non-surgical procedures aren’t ever pushed as much as injectable treatments or surgeries.. why? Probably because the results aren’t instant and in this digitally growing world, thats what people are looking for.… Read more

Everything you need to know for starting a male skincare routine

It can be difficult to understand where to begin with skincare, especially for male skin as we find that around 90% of products are directed at women. The structure and functionality of male skin does differ to women which is why we need separate routines to make sure you’re caring correctly for your skin type.… Read more

How you can get your skin in shape for Christmas!

Skincare can be one of those things that you just don’t get round to sorting properly, buying products from the local supermarket whilst you’re doing a food shop seems like an easy and efficient way to do it right? The only thing with buying products off the shelf is that you never really know what… Read more

How to choose the right method of hair removal for you

When it comes to hair removal there are quite a few different methods that can be used to reach your desired result, however, knowing which one is right for you can be tricky. This handy explanation outlines the key differences between each method of hair removal that we offer and why you would choose them.… Read more

Smooth & Hydrate – the first steps to wellness

Combining relaxation and results, AlumierMD have put together a skincare kit containing not only fantastic products which make an immediate difference to your skin, but a routine that exemplifies wellness and has significant physiological impact. What’s included? MicroDerm Polish This is a very fine bead exfoliator that actively helps to buff away dead skin and… Read more

Our 3 hero products you SHOULD be using and why they’re so important.

1. Vitamin C – Heres a bit of history in a nutshell about how the use of Vitamin C slowly came about.. In the 1700’s a British Naval Surgeon selected 12 men all suffering from Scurvy (a disease resulting in bad skin and teeth) to conduct an experiment. He divided them up and gave them… Read more

Our most asked skincare questions – answered!

We have found that we get asked very similar questions time and time again when it comes to skincare, so we wanted to share a few of those with you and provide you with all the answers you need! What order do I need to do my skincare in? The order of your skincare will… Read more

What it means to be a Diamond Provider by AlumierMD

We get it. You want results but skincare is confusing. Countless aisles of different bottles and endless content online. How are you supposed to know what actually works and know what’s right for your skin? You can’t trial and error every single product out there! It would cost too much of your hard-earned money, not… Read more

Why do we recommend skincare at home?

If you had to run a marathon next week without any training whatsoever, the chances are you would get about 20 mins in and end up in a heap on the floor, this is because you are not equipped correctly to gain the right outcome, which would be finishing the race. This is exactly the… Read more

How to find your ideal gift this Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is just around the corner and finding the best gift can be tricky. Scrolling through long winded gift guides online can be tedious and we don’t always know where else to look. Despite having A LOT of different treatments at SKIN lounge, buying a gift couldn’t be easier. We have options for those… Read more

How to naturally stimulate Collagen

As we started to delve into the world of skin, the only way to lift and tighten or reverse any signs of ageing was to opt for surgery or some kind of medical, anaesthetic induced procedure. Good old soap and water just didn’t cut it (still doesn’t to be honest..) so if you didn’t want… Read more