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World leading technology only available at SKIN lounge!

We are so proud to be the first skin clinic in Richmond to offer the cutting edge, medical grade Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal Technology! At some point in our lives we have all battled with unwanted hair somewhere, but now, with a long lasting solution and the safe technology that the Soprano offers, we can treat… Read more


Hi all, As I’m sure you are aware from the announcement given this weekend, non-essential businesses are going back into lockdown from this Thursday, so it’s with a very sad heart that we will be closing again on Thursday 5th November for the second national lockdown. As with the first one, we will still have… Read more

What is a Focus 15 treatment?

One of the features of our brand new Express Menu is the Focus 15 treatment list. The whole menu of treatments has been designed for you to save money and time but still get amazing results. A lot of people may not have a lot of time spare to spend on themselves, whether thats due… Read more

Are there any Botox alternatives?

As the stressors of the world seem to be constantly increasing, now more than ever are we seeing the affects of this on the skin. The problem is, aesthetic treatments and non-surgical procedures aren’t ever pushed as much as injectable treatments or surgeries.. why? Probably because the results are instant and in this digitally growing… Read more

Everything you need to know about Milia and how to prevent it

We are asked questions about the skin every single day, a really common question topic is about Milia – what are they and can they be removed.   Often mistaken for whiteheads, Milia are small cysts under the skin created by a build up of dead skin cells (keratin). These can be really common in… Read more

POSH – The Pyramid of Optimum Skin Health

The SKIN lounge Pyramid of Optimum Skin Health is something we have created as a visual representation and an informative way of explaining the different stages of skincare.   We have divided the pyramid into 4 sections from the must have section to the optimal skin care at the top. The Must Have section starts… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Ageing skin

Okay, so ageing skin is not a skin type it happens to us all I’m afraid. However, I do want to recommend where you should be focusing your time and money because there are so so many options out there! Characteristics of ageing skin can be fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots (dark… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Dry skin

Dry skin is a skin condition, something you always have had and always will have. Your skin doesn’t produce enough oil. Dry skin is is often flaky with an uneven texture, and can sometimes be sensitive. When moisturiser is applied, the skin just cannot get enough of it!  To understand the difference between dry and… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Pigmentation

Hyper pigmented/dull skin is not a type it’s a skin condition, however, if you do suffer with pigmentation how you care for it is extremely important! Hyper pigmentation is when the skin has irregular dark patches, this can be one small or large patch or lots of patches. Hyper pigmentation is usually caused by the… Read more

Key skincare words explained!

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by the amount of words buzzing around skincare? I think we’ve all been confused into buying something from an over the top sales person who baffles you with scientific and unnecessary technical terms. We don’t want our clients to feel like this at SKIN lounge so here is a… Read more

 Talking Skin Types – Acne Skin

Acne is when there are spots on the skin most of the time, normally with a combination of blackheads, white heads, bumps under the skin and sometimes hard painful boils. Acne skin often comes from within, things like stress, hormones, diet and allergies can be huge factors. What can worsen acne is if the skin… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Sensitive

Sensitive skin often looks pink or red, frequently with a dry, uneven skin texture. Older or thinner sensitive skin is often more prone to broken capillaries. Sensitive skin typically effects the cheeks but can be all over the face and neck, including the chest.  Sensitive skin can be prone to flushing when exposure to extreme… Read more