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SylfirmX vs Morpheus8 – Which Micro-needling device is better?

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic treatments, the search for the most effective solution to address skin concerns continues. Two popular contenders in the area of micro-needling treatments are SylfirmX and Morpheus8. While both promise impressive results, let’s delve into the reasons why SylfirmX RF micro-needling stands out as the superior choice. Understanding Micro-Needling: Micro-needling… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Dry skin

Dry skin is a skin condition, something you always have had and always will have. Your skin doesn’t produce enough oil. Dry skin is is often flaky with an uneven texture, and can sometimes be sensitive. When moisturiser is applied, the skin just cannot get enough of it!  To understand the difference between dry and… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Sensitive

Sensitive skin often looks pink or red, frequently with a dry, uneven skin texture. Older or thinner sensitive skin is often more prone to broken capillaries. Sensitive skin typically effects the cheeks but can be all over the face and neck, including the chest.  Sensitive skin can be prone to flushing when exposure to extreme… Read more

Rachel’s Top Tips To Help With Winter Skin

With the skin already being under the day to day pressures of stress, lack of sleep, pollution, poor diet, alcohol, and the sun; the winter just adds to the stress our skin goes through every day. Lack of sunlight, freezing cold winds, icy rain, and severe temperature changes when going from outside to inside all… Read more

Why Should I Have a Skin Peel?

Chemical peels are one of my most favorite facial treatments, especially when combined with light therapy! They sound pretty scary though right? Well, you needn’t be scared, in fact, they are amazing. I’ve written below the most commonly asked questions and hopefully, I can banish the fear about peels… How does a peel work? Chemical… Read more

Why is sunscreen so important?

Have you ever wondered what the best anti-ageing skin care product is? We focus so much time and money on the latest serums and moisturisers to regenerate new skin, but if you’re not using skin protection on top – what’s the point of renewing your skin just to damage it again? The most essential and… Read more