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Skin issues – Understand and manage your Winter skin woes

As the crisp, chilly winds of winter set in, many of us eagerly anticipate the festive season, hot cocoa and cosy blankets. However, along with the holiday cheer, the winter months often bring a less-welcome guest: skin issues. From dryness and itchiness to redness and chapping, winter can wreak havoc on our skin. Below, we… Read more

The solution to the post-summer skin dilemma

As we bid farewell to the sun-drenched days of summer and welcome the crisp embrace of September, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your body, mind and skin. At SKIN lounge Aesthetics, we understand the unique needs of post summer skin. The dehydration is real, pores are feeling clogged and too much sun exposure has… Read more

How you can get your skin in shape for Christmas!

Skincare can be one of those things that you just don’t get round to sorting properly, buying products from the local supermarket whilst you’re doing a food shop seems like an easy and efficient way to do it right? The only thing with buying products off the shelf is that you never really know what… Read more

How you can reawaken your skin after the entire festive season

After a month of too much alcohol, too much chocolate and a truck load of predominantly beige food, that lacklustre and dull complexion is unavoidable. However, we can reverse the damage with a little bit of know-how… Get drinking! (water that is..) This is a biggie, we’re all dehydrated due to the temperature but alcohol really does suck… Read more
seasonal skin review

Why are seasonal skin reviews so important?

Our skin changes like the weather! Ok… maybe not that much, but it definitely changes with the weather. As the temperature drops and our lifestyle habits change, our skin can really suffer. If you’ve experienced more sensitivity in the winter or felt more dryness and dull appearance, then you will have seen the effects of… Read more

Everything you need to know about Milia and how to prevent it

We are asked questions about the skin every single day, a really common question topic is about Milia – what are they and can they be removed.   Often mistaken for whiteheads, Milia are small cysts under the skin created by a build up of dead skin cells (keratin). These can be really common in… Read more

Talking Skin Types – Normal/ Dehydrated

What a pleasure to have normal skin! If you live in London all skin is dehydrated so this is not a huge drama, and with the right products and lifestyle it’s very easy to treat. What I would say is don’t take it for granted that you have no skin concerns – care and nurture… Read more

Why is sunscreen so important?

Have you ever wondered what the best anti-ageing skin care product is? We focus so much time and money on the latest serums and moisturisers to regenerate new skin, but if you’re not using skin protection on top – what’s the point of renewing your skin just to damage it again? The most essential and… Read more