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The 5 Pillars of Medical Wellness and what that means for skin!

We believe that healthy, radiant skin is more than just a surface-level concern and we need to look at lifestyle with an inside-out perspective to achieving healthy skin. At SKIN lounge Aesthetics, we prioritise a holistic approach to skincare that encompasses the entire body and mind. In this post, we will explain the 5 Pillars… Read more

How hormones can impact your skin health – AlumierMD

How do hormones affect skin? Sebum production (or oil production) is a key element in how our skin looks and feels and is controlled by hormones. At the most basic level, if we produce too much testosterone, it’s likely to lead to blemishes. High doses of oestrogen can suppress oil production, then we experience dryness… Read more


Welcome to our brand new collection of informative Q&A’s: SkinTalks. Renowned skincare specialist Rachel, is holding informal, group workshops to share her expertise and unravel the secrets behind mastering the basics of skincare. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast looking to enhance your routine or a beginner seeking guidance, SkinTalks is perfect for you. As an… Read more

Smooth & Hydrate – the first steps to wellness

Combining relaxation and results, AlumierMD have put together a skincare kit containing not only fantastic products which make an immediate difference to your skin, but a routine that exemplifies wellness and has significant physiological impact. What’s included? MicroDerm Polish This is a very fine bead exfoliator that actively helps to buff away dead skin and… Read more

How to find your ideal gift this Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is just around the corner and finding the best gift can be tricky. Scrolling through long winded gift guides online can be tedious and we don’t always know where else to look. Despite having A LOT of different treatments at SKIN lounge, buying a gift couldn’t be easier. We have options for those… Read more

The Menopause Memo

With all the years experience I have working with menopause aged women, I truly understand the challenges that women go through. I feel so thankful for this as at least I am aware of what really happens. Unlike my poor mum who went through it cold turkey with no advice, guidance or support which has… Read more