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How to choose the right method of hair removal for you

When it comes to hair removal there are quite a few different methods that can be used to reach your desired result, however, knowing which one is right for you can be tricky.

This handy explanation outlines the key differences between each method of hair removal that we offer and why you would choose them.

Laser Hair Removal

This is usually the most popular method of ours as its best for large areas of hair and it can be done very quickly with little discomfort. With the Soprano Titanium machine that we use, treatment time can be cut down dramatically making it even easier for you to fit into your busy schedule.

Laser hair removal works best when the hair is darker than the skin, this is because the technology in this machine is attracted to the pigmentation within the hair. If the hair was a similar colour to the skin, laser hair removal wouldn’t work as well.

Most popular areas to treat are full legs, bikini and underarms and for men back, chest and beard. For areas that you would normally shave and that have a lot of regular regrowth, Laser would be the best option. This method requires a patch test before hand.


Electrolysis is a very niche treatment with only a few clinics performing this correctly. This is one of the most effective ways to remove hair and has recently been approved as one of the few methods deemed as permanent by the FDA.

Electrolysis uses an incredibly fine needle which is inserted into the individual hair follicle to deliver heat to the root, this kills the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair stopping the growth and allowing the hair to be removed. As this is working on each individual hair, it is best used on smaller areas such as the lip or chin for those random stubborn hairs that you cant seem to get rid of.

There is over 2,000 hair follicles on the upper lip alone so you can imagine this is a time consuming treatment and will definitely need more than one treatment to achieve the best results. Always chat to your Electrologist before hand to make sure they have sufficient knowledge and skill. We talk to a lot of clients who say that Electrolysis has never worked for them, this is because the hair is not being treated correctly. The hair should not feel like its being plucked or pulled out of the root, when it is performed correctly, the hair slides out of the follicle.

“Electrolysis will always work when performed correctly by skilled and experienced practitioners” – British Institute and Association of Electrolysis.

Alkaline Wash

Alkaline Wash is another entirely different method again. This technique is used for the fine, downy blonde hair that we see, typically on the sides of our face. This type of hair is not suitable to be treated with IPL or Laser because it has no colour for the laser to target. Alkaline wash works by lowering the PH of the skin and dissolving the hair inside the follicle and overtime the regrowth will become slower and weaker. Alkaline Wash is one of the methods that can say hair will not be stimulated into quicker regrowth like waxing. This method requires a patch test beforehand to make sure we have no skin concerns or contraindications that we would need to be aware of.


The one hair removal treatment we all know (and don’t love)! Waxing is great for completely removing the hair from the follicle leaving a smooth and hairless surface. Waxing is most popular before holidays so you can be sure that there is absolutely no hair. However, waxing can stimulate the hair after treatment meaning quicker and sometimes darker regrowth. To make waxing as comfortable as possible, we use a Tea Tree oil based wax and aftercare products to ensure an antibacterial and anti-viral procedure in order to maintain healthy skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Depending on the area you want to treat and the type of hair being treated, immediately puts you into a specific category of hair removal. If you are still unsure or would like further guidance on any kind of hair removal, we hold consultations with our therapists to chat further through every detail.

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