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How you can get your skin in shape for Christmas!

Skincare can be one of those things that you just don’t get round to sorting properly, buying products from the local supermarket whilst you’re doing a food shop seems like an easy and efficient way to do it right?

The only thing with buying products off the shelf is that you never really know what is in it or whether its doing what it says it does, plus the market is saturated with products all saying that it’s the best one for you, so knowing what to buy can be difficult. The absolute best way to find the right products for you is to go to a professional, let them do the hard work for you! Start with a few samples, maybe purchasing only one product to begin with.

However, if you haven’t managed to get round to doing that yet and festive parties are looming then here’s a few top tips of how to get your skin in shape before Christmas!

  1. Always make sure your skin is clean – Morning and night.
    Cleanse, don’t strip! Make sure you have a good cleanser that helps to keep the skin barrier in tact. A lot of cleansers that have alcohols, perfumes and other nasties will diminish the protective layer of skin resulting in increased sensitivity. Wash your face every night! This is important for maintaining good skin health. Throughout the day, the skin will produce oil and trap dirt, we also sweat, wear makeup and touch our face a lot. This means the skin is coming into contact with a lot of bacteria, not cleansing your face at night means more risk of congestion, blackheads, build up and accelerated ageing!
    Product recommendation: AlumierMD cleanser
  2. Buff away dead skin.
    Having layers of dead skin on the surface gives us a dull, lacklustre complexion with rough patches and undesirable texture. By adding in a gentle exfoliation method will help remove the dead skin and keep our skin cycle healthy, giving us that natural skin glow. Don’t immediately think of grainy scrubs though, many professional exfoliators also come in the form of a serum or lightweight solution. Using highstreet, gritty scrubs will cause micro damages to the skin and strip out all of that goodness!
    Product recommendation: Bright & Clear Solution/ Microderm Polish
  3. Hydrate your skin as well as body.
    We know the body needs water to function correctly but so does our skin. Yes, drinking the approved amount of water will help but very little of the water that we drink gets to our skin, this is why we need a designated product just for this reason. Using a hydrating serum daily will focus on maintaining the water within the skin cells, we want them looking like juicy grapes not raisins! Keeping the skin hydrated plumps out any lines and wrinkles, evens texture and creates that youthful bounce to the skin.
    Product recommendation: Ultimate Boost Serum
  4. Remember your eyes.
    Eyes can be the biggest giveaway into our skin health. Whether we’ve had a long night, a bit too much to drink or a stressful week, our eyes are the biggest tell. The skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner than the rest of our face which is why they are so easily affected. The most important thing to remember is how to use eye creams correctly. If you take your first two fingers and walk them around your eye socket you can feel the orbital bone – this is where you put your eye cream. Not under the lashes and not over the eyelid, just where you can feel the bone. Eye creams used incorrectly can cause puffiness and have a higher chance of getting in the eye, not what we want.
    Product recommendation: Alumineye/ Anti-fatigue Eye Rescue Pads
  5. Protection.
    We know everyone thinks using sunscreen in the colder months is totally unnecessary because it’s not sunny, but the truth is, we all need protection regardless of the weather or season. UVB rays can burn and damage your skin all year round with summer being its most intense, but did you know UVA rays remain constant throughout the year and can penetrate clouds, fog and glass meaning that even on a cold, rainy day indoors UVA rays can still effect your skin. The secret to remembering to wear SPF is to find a formula that you like – this could be oil free, something more hydrating or even a matte finish (yes, this is an option!). We want to protect our skin and make sure those ageing rays aren’t damaging our DNA, this is the biggest contribution to stopping visible ageing on the skin and keeping it looking young and feeling healthy! Fancy adding in an SPF now?
    Product recommendation: AlumierMD Sunscreen

The sooner you start a professional skincare routine that is designed for your specific skin, the quicker your skin will start to look its best and the easier it will be to maintain! This means that you can RSVP yes to all those party invites without last minute face masks or panic buying spot treatments!

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