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How Do I Cleanse My Skin Properly?

By speaking with my clients over the years I have discovered that not many people know how to cleanse their skin properly. People think this is the least important step; the truth is it’s one of the most important and quite often the cheapest step in your regime! If you do not cleanse properly then you may as well forget the rest of your regime. Your further products simply will not get through the film of leftover dirt and makeup.

The Double Cleanse Technique

Always, always, always cleanse twice in the evening!! Your first cleanse removes makeup and dirt your second cleanse deeply cleans your skin. A quick cleanse in the morning to awaken the skin is enough as you will not have been around pollution or have makeup on.

You always need clean warm water and a cloth to clean your skin, just splashing your face with water or wiping with cotton wool will not remove dirt thoroughly. Poor cleansing is a common cause of blackheads and spots.

Your first cleanse can be quite quick and should include eye make up removal. Your second cleanse should be much more thorough – applied to the skin in circular motions concentrating on the blocked areas like your chin and nose, then left for around 2-3 minutes to allow the product to work (imagine a Pac man munching up the dirt and makeup). This may tingle, which is good!

Zero Toner!

No toner! Good cleansers are ph balanced so do not require a toner to balance the skin. Your skin should not feel dry or greasy after cleansing, just perfectly balanced ready for your serum and moisturiser.

Recommended Facial Cleaners

A great product for your first cleanse (makeup removal) is the Alumier Hydraboost Cleanser. Its light creamy consistency is a pleasure to use and won’t dry out your skin. Simple, efficient and you can use it on your eyes; it’s a gentle product that your whole family can use to clean their skin.

The Alumier Purifying gel cleanser is my favorite product for a second cleanse. It’s super deep cleansing. Great to use every day or 3 times a week as a boost for the skin. In my opinion, it’s the best cleanser on the planet and should be in all bathroom cabinets!

Trust me, if you do this first step of your skincare regime correctly you will see a huge improvement in the texture, clarity, and hydration of your skin in a matter of days, try it!

Rachel x

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