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Dehydrated or dry skin? Part two

PART TWO – Dehydrated skin

Characteristics of dehydrated skin:

  • Dull in areas
  • Lack of water
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Exaggerated lines and wrinkles 
  • Less elasticity
  • Darker circles beneath the eyes

Why do we get dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is commonly caused by more external factors such as weather conditions, the environment and diet. 

Wind, heat and cold temperatures can all contribute to our skin losing water. 

We tend to see more cases of dehydrated skin throughout the winter months, this is because the very low temperatures and humidity cause our skin to lose 25% of its ability to hold water. During these months, our skin goes through a lot of temperature change. Walking home on a cold windy day to then a hot bubble bath when we get in, the skin has difficulty adjusting to these varying temperatures and water is easily lost.

Other reasons can include the use of incorrect products. Most soaps and cosmetic products contain various different alcohols or perfumes which can intensely dehydrate the skin. Have you ever used a product and felt as if your skin is really tight? That’s usually the feeling from strong ingredients used on the wrong skin type resulting in the loss of water. 

How to prevent dehydrated skin:

Make sure to use the correct products for you. Usually these are prescribed to you by a skin professional in a clinic. Having someone look at your skin at a counter in a department store is not the same, unless the skin has been thoroughly cleansed and you’ve had an in depth conversation about your history of skincare, the right products tend not be chosen. Also, over the counter products have limited capability to penetrate inside the living skin cells compared with professional grade products.

Protect your skin. It might sound obvious but wear sunscreen… Everyday! Yes, every – single – day. The heat of the sun and combination of Ultraviolet radiation can cause (at the very least) dehydrating of the skin. UV rays can also penetrate glass so if you sit by a window at work or drive for a living, the glass is not protecting you from damage. Find a broad spectrum, physical SPF that you like to wear and use it! We say this is like putting a shield across your skin.

Hopefully this has helped you to diagnose your own skin slightly better and what you can do to treat it! 

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