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Featured: The Holy Grail of Anti-Ageing

A SKIN Lounge featured review in the Essential Richmond Magazine on 2nd of November 2016

Effective anti-ageing treatments have long been coveted by the beauty industry, but Rachel Huskinson of Richmond Hill’s Skin Lounge believes that she has found the Holy Grail: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), a non-invasive lifting procedure that can smooth out wrinkles and tighten skin after just one session.

Back in April I tried it out at her funky salon, where each room is stamped with her bubbly personality – think wacky lipstick kisses wallpaper, fake grass and seasonal flowers. Six months on I have really started to notice the difference. HIFU targets the deep layers of the skin, including structural tissues and muscles, and stimulates collagen production. One session per year is usually enough to keep skin looking taut.

Ultrasound energy is delivered via a handheld device that is stroked across the face, around the jawline, mouth, nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks, in repetitive movements. You can have it done over a (leisurely) lunchtime, as there is no downtime or lasting redness, but be prepared for possible wincing during the procedure, especially around the temples, jawline and brows.

Just occasionally I had to grit my teeth, but the process was entirely bearable – most things are if turning back time is your goal! – and as HIFU is also used to treat certain cancers, I knew that there were no safety issues. It is pricey, but no more so than a year of costly products, and it’s more effective and longer lasting.

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