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How to prevent Acne: 8 things you NEED to know!

My top tips for acne – that REALLY work.

Being a skin specialist, I come in to contact with all sorts of skin issues on a daily basis. Acne or problem skin in all variations are extremely common and can affect a range of ages and skin types. 

Acne can be extremely upsetting and painful, all the client wants is to fix their skin in any way possible. 

I do not agree with doctors giving patients harsh medications straight away WITHOUT even discussing the clients skin habits, diet, skincare routine or any skin treatments they may have had.  

I have known doctors to prescribe antibiotics or worse – Roaccutane to patients that dont even have severe acne – medications or harsh topical products seem to be a doctors go-to to fix acne.

I simply do not agree. Ingested medications are being absorbed throughout the body just to treat the skin on the face – if a patient read the potential side effects before taking the medication – they would NEVER take them!! 

I strongly believe that ALL skin professionals should at least be teaching their clients good practice so they can help themselves on a daily basis. 

So here goes, they may seem obvious, but I guarantee if you have blemishes, breakouts or acne you are not doing all of them consistently or as well as you may think. 

This is SKIN lounge therapist Hollie, who is prone to acneic skin and has struggled for all of her teen and adult life. Her journey involved AlumierMD skincare and professional treatments.
  1. Stop touching your face.

Your hands are always in contact with dirt and bacteria, which you really dont want getting into any open pores on your face. You are probably thinking ‘I dont really touch my face that much.’ As a test why not try making a tally of how many times a day you touch your face. I guarantee it will shock you! 

2. Don’t pick!

Sounds simple, but for some of us it is not! Probably my worst habit is picking my skin – how terrible is that!! However, I know for a fact that nothing good can EVER come from picking your skin, it will open the skin to bacteria only making your condition worse. So be better than me and dont ever pick your skin.

3. Antibac your phone screen.

A lot of my clients notice that they have more blemishes on one side of their face more than the other, normally on the side that they hold their phone to their ear. This can be due to the make up, oil and bacteria on your phone! Try to wipe over your phone screen with antibacterial wipes daily.

4. Wash or change your face cloth daily. 

Any kind of wash cloth, sponge or flannel that you are using to remove your cleanser are harbouring bacteria. Try to machine wash your cloths at least once per day. I have several cloths that I rotate through during my week. 

5. Double cleanse morning and evening.

Ensure that you cleanse twice in the morning (especially for problem prone skin) and ALWAYS twice in the evening. Check out my full cleansing blog post that goes into more detail. 

6. Change your pillow case at least once per week.

A little like the phone screen, clients often notice that they have more blemishes on one side of their face more than the other, normally on the side that they sleep on. Try washing your pillow case at a minimum of once per week to prevent sleeping on a pillow case that is breeding bacteria (gross I know!).

7. Wash before and after exercise.

While exercising it is best for your skin to be fully clean. Your pores will open while you sweat and close very soon after you exercise, trapping in the dirt that you were sweating out. To prevent this, wash your face as soon as you finish exercising, especially if you wear makeup! 

8. Wash first in the shower. 

At what point during your shower do you wash your face? Not necessarily the first thing you think to do, right? Hot water will open the pores in the skin, absorbing the daily make up and dirt or the morning grease excretion from the night before. ALWAYS wash you face first in the shower to prevent trapping the dirt into your pores.  

Think of absolutely every single thing that you put on your face – do you really need it??

I ask my clients all the time to give me full details about their skincare regime. Clients don’t think that a primer, make up wipes or their foundation is important when considering their skincare routine. Quite the contrary! Foundations, wipes and primers are FULL of silicones, perfumes and sometimes skin harming chemicals. If there is a step like a primer that you can live without – please do, as this may be contributing to your skin condition. 

Lastly! Try to be consistent and thorough. 

Learning a new habit is really difficult, and will certainly take time to become normal. All I can say is stick with it! I promise if you follow all of my top tips you will soon be seeing a clearer, calmer skin. 

None of these practices kill bacteria, so if bacteria is present, for example in cystic acne, there will need to be additional products and possibly treatments added to your skin plan. Regardless of medications, skincare and treatments, all of these practices need to be adhered to to give your skin the best chance of improvement. If you’re not doing all of these steps you may be making your condition worse than it needs to be.

If you would like to find out more about what you can do to help your skin condition WITHOUT medication, please put your questions to me in the box below, or book a free skin consultation. 

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