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Everything you need to know for starting a male skincare routine

It can be difficult to understand where to begin with skincare, especially for male skin as we find that around 90% of products are directed at women. The structure and functionality of male skin does differ to women which is why we need separate routines to make sure you’re caring correctly for your skin type.

If you want to know where to start and how to get great results with keeping things simple then this guide is for you!

  1. If the thought of any skincare routine is too daunting, start with the basics. Make sure to wash your face every day! Surprisingly, this does need to be said. Using the correct cleanser for your skin type and doing this twice daily will begin to improve your skin.
    This also needs to be washed off using warm water and a flannel – water and hands will not do. We need an element of soft friction to ensure cleanser, bacteria and daily grime is being removed.
  2. So you’ve got the hang of cleansing, another step isn’t a deal breaker. Wear sunscreen! Call it a moisturiser if it makes you use it. A physical sunscreen needs to be applied every morning. Make sure this is going through your beard if you have one (as this does not provide enough protection from UV), over the head if bald and over the ears. The benefits from wearing SPF everyday are immeasurable – preventing cancers, preventing premature ageing, pigmentation and sensitivity, protecting collagen and elastin and protecting from irreversible DNA damage. It’s a no brainer.
    *The above picture shows a lorry driver who never wore sunscreen and only had sun exposure to one side of his face for years! No prizes for guessing which side!

  3. With two products on the go you’ve got the beginning of a proper routine! When diving in further, male skin suffers differently to female, it may not be as sensitive but does see more dehydration. Adding a hydrating serum will focus on flooding the cells with water and forcing them to fill up to max capacity. Everyone wants to keep their skin looking fresh and youthful. For added surface smoothness, a moisturiser will be perfect for overnight repairing.
  4. From here, adding in any further skincare products will continue to elevate your routine and make sure you are future proofing your skin! Exfoliators, masks and corrective serums will help to continually boost your skins health and keep you naturally youthful for longer. If you want to protect your skin and start an anti-ageing process, investing in professional skincare from the beginning will give you amazing results and save you money in the long run.

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