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Our most asked skincare questions – answered!

We have found that we get asked very similar questions time and time again when it comes to skincare, so we wanted to share a few of those with you and provide you with all the answers you need!

  • What order do I need to do my skincare in?

The order of your skincare will always remain the same. The best rule to go by is always to use thinnest to thickest in consistency, this way the next product penetrates easier into the living skin.

How to: Always start with cleanser because we want nice, clean skin to begin with. Next use a toner or daily exfoliant solution to remove residue. After this, your face is now clean and ready for the next products. Serums are next in the order, unless you’ve been given any specific instruction, there is no real order to which serum goes on first but always remember thinnest – thickest. After this, eye cream then moisturisers are applied if needed. Always finishing with SPF. This will be the last skincare product that sits on the skin before makeup.

  • Why are there day and night routines? 

We have different day and night routines because the skin goes through different things during these times. For example, during the day the skin is battling with UV rays, environmental pollution and temperature fluctuations so we want to make sure it is well protected with products like SPF. During the night our skin goes into recovery mode where it tries to heal and regenerate. As there are less elements attacking the skin at night, we can focus on using products to stimulate collagen and work on anti-ageing such as retinol. Some products are also unstable when used in the day time, this means that sunlight can make your skin more sensitive if these products are used during the day.

  • I’m nervous of using retinol, do I really need it?

Retinol is a really amazing product. It is one of two products clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing and should eventually be in everyones routine! However, it doesn’t have the best reputation. We have found that all of the ‘reactions’ people have seen from using retinol is down to incorrect usage. Retinol is a very active product designed to lift the dead skin cells away from the surface over an 8 hour period. This means that in some cases we can see some shedding of the skin, typically around the mouth, nose and sides of face where we see more build up. Used incorrectly, retinol can make the skin more sensitive, red, irritated and flaky, this is why you should always be advised on how to use it when you are purchasing. If you are not given much instruction, this means there may only be a tiny % of Retinol in your product.

  • How and when do I do my skincare routine when I workout? 

The beauty of skincare is that it can be adapted to suit every skin type and every lifestyle. If you are a regular gym goer every morning before work, we suggest a quick cleanse in the morning before you start your workout. This means that any residue on the face is removed before the skin has to deal with increased heat and sweat. Immediately after your workout is where your normal routine comes in to action. Another cleanse is needed to remove sweat and bacteria, then a gentle, daily exfoliator, serums, moisturisers and SPF (or whatever you use). A handy tip is to try and let your skin naturally cool down before applying your skincare!

If you work out in the evening, make sure to remove all makeup before hand, we don’t want sweat mixing with dirt and makeup – thats a quick way to clogged pores! Then after your workout, normal routine resumes with your evening products.

  • How do I determine my skin type?

The best way to determine your skin type properly is through a professional consultation, however there are a few DIY methods to steer you in the right direction. Look out for regular characteristics within your skin, for example, are you seeing excess oil by lunch time? are your cheeks usually red? do you have any areas of dry patches?. Keeping a simple skin diary can help you understand more about what you are experiencing. If you are noticing that your T-zone becomes oily every day then its likely you have a combination skin. If you experience flushed cheeks and a stinging sensation then you may be more sensitive. Another option is to take our Skin Type Quiz for more answers. Once you have found your skin type, you are then better equipped to find the right products.

We welcome all questions when it comes to skincare so if you have any questions that you would like answered, please let us know!




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