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Our 3 hero products you SHOULD be using and why they’re so important.

1. Vitamin C – Heres a bit of history in a nutshell about how the use of Vitamin C slowly came about.. In the 1700’s a British Naval Surgeon selected 12 men all suffering from Scurvy (a disease resulting in bad skin and teeth) to conduct an experiment. He divided them up and gave them different additions to their diet, those who were fed citrus fruits made a remarkable recovery and so the link between Vitamin C and skin improvement was born!

Fast forward to the present day and we realise that Vitamin C taken orally is very poorly transferred through the body into the skin, so by the time it reaches the skin, there’s not much left. Therefore, for the skin to receive any kind of benefits from Vitamin C it needs to be applied topically and in an acidic form in order to penetrate the living skin.

Why do we need Vitamin C?
When regularly applied, Vitamin C helps to accelerate the production of collagen and elastin which in turn keeps our skin looking youthful, plump and firm. The incredible product EverActive C&E Serum from AlumierMD also helps premature ageing within the skin and stabilises the free radicals which make their way into our dermis (free radicals are pollutant molecules such as cigarette smoke and traffic fumes).

2. Vitamin A – This is a must have for so many different skin concerns ranging from anti-ageing to acne. Anyone who’s interested in skincare has probably heard of the product Retinol, this is a Vitamin A product thats been given quite a lot of bad press over the years. Retinol is a strong product and incorrect use can lead to unwanted actions on the skin, however, use this properly and it will be your best friend!

Why do we need Vitamin A/ Retinol?
As we age, so does our collagen, it starts to get lazy, not do its job properly and eventually becomes brittle and die. Sad story I know. However, Retinol is the defibrillator that comes along and pumps life back into them so they continue to do their job ( which is keeping our skin youthful). The Alumier Retinol range is designed for minimal impact on the skins surface. The slow release technology means that it is drip fed through your skin over 8 hours, meaning no burning, no peeling and no inflammation. Retinol works as an inside out exfoliator meaning it stimulates new cell growth from the inside which pushes dead skin cells off of the surface. Imagine a tube of tennis balls, if you add a ball to the bottom of the tube the top one pops out and this is what Retinol is doing for our skin – creating new skin cells underneath so that the dead surface cells can be shed.

3. Zinc Oxide – This is a physical protection for the skin found in all of our beautiful sunscreens and an ingredient that is SO important for long term skin health.

Why do we need Zinc Oxide?
It is a super safe, anti inflammatory, effective broad spectrum blocker (meaning it protects from UVA and UVB rays!) without leaving a white cast across the skin. As it is a physical protector it sits on the surface of our skin like a shield, not something that is absorbed through our skin and creates a chemical reaction inside – no one wants that. Imagine an uncooked chicken, the skin is pink, plump and relatively firm, now imagine it cooked, the skin is wrinkled, textured and mottled which is exactly what our skin looks like after long term sun damage. Using Zinc Oxide protects our skin from ending up looking like a cooked chicken!

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