Our Rooms

Salon Sign for Our Rooms at Skin Lounge

Our Rooms

At SKIN lounge we love performing treatments in truly unique, luxurious surroundings and work hard to keep our look ahead in the design stakes. Doing most of the design ourselves we take real pride in our decorative decisions. With the use of colour and texture throughout the salon, each room takes on its own unique personality. We hope you enjoy our tactile, eccentric environment as much as we do.


The inspiration behind this room all started with the black and silver lizard wallpaper that you simply have to touch. Once this was chosen the decorative decadence began, adding a grey ghost style acrylic chair and plush silver velvet cushion and chic oversized feather lamp along side an abstract white decorative skull. We then added a splash of bright reddish-orange to one wall matched to one of our favourite OPI nail polish shades ‘Live Love Carnival’. Lizard is one of the busiest rooms in the salon and is used for our popular maintenance treatments including waxing, LVL lash lifting, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, electrolysis hair reduction and ear piercing.

The Lizard Inspired Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge

The Lounge Area at Skin Lounge


City chic is the inspiration in this space. Pink Louis style chairs backed by a vintage rose wallpaper opposite a purple velvet wall with a silver antique mirror. A large Maria Theresa chandelier and coloured mood lighting instantly creates a calming environment. Unwind with a refreshment and magazine before and after your treatment.


If you are already a frequent visitor you will know that all at SKIN lounge love a good natter and this is the place where it all happens – the red lips wallpaper says it all. A large open space created for you to enjoy manicures and pedicures with your friends; with over 150 colours to choose from how will you decide?

The Gossip Style Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge

The Funky Style Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge


Inspired by the beach wall mural, this room will make you feel as though you are sitting in the Maldives. Our favourite features are the light gold glitter wall and Louis style gold chair! In Funky we offer waxing, LVL lash lifting, spray tanning, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, IPL hair reduction and ear piercing – all the treatments that get you prepped for baring all.

Grass Walk

Take a stroll through the greenery of the salon often decorated with seasonal flowers, this unusual staircase leads you down to our basement treatment rooms.

Grass Staircase at Skin Lounge in Richmond Upon Thames

The Space Style Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge


Using inspiration from the new age equipment used in here, Space is our anti ageing treatment room. CACI non-surgical face-lift, Venus Freeze skin tightening and facial peels take place here, with an intergalactic feel from our holographic wallpaper to the interesting butterfly filled balls hung from blue light boxes this room takes a leap into the future.


The theme for this room is what women love – diamonds and products. Our ‘candy’ store has a wall of colour made up of OPI nail varnish, an array of incredible skincare and our very own SKIN lounge make-up, we defy you to leave without buying yourself or someone else a special treat. Come and see our seasonal displays on our funky beauty tree and teal floor standing diamonds. We never stand still and always have the very latest trends and products so keep your eyes peeled.

The Beauty Shop at Skin Lounge in Richmond


Even our bathroom is interesting and unique! With the perfectly themed bubble wallpaper, hot pink blind and recess lighting, even going to the bathroom at SKIN lounge is a fun experience.


Don’t worry this room doesn’t contain any real snakes! It gets its name from the glamorous black and silver snakeskin wallpaper. This spacious room oozes opulent luxury with accents of pink and lilac. Experience a variety of treatments here such as professional skin needling, Dermalux LED phototherapy, cosmeceutical facials and peels on our super comfy, heated beds.

The Snake Style Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge

The Daring Style Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge


Designed to be a versatile room that can be tailored to any treatment. Using only the purple light boxes to create a soothing atmosphere or lighting up the bright Berry coloured wall for more of an uplifting feel. Mainly used for one of our most popular body treatments, 3D lipo. Our clients love this room, as this is where they lose the unwanted inches!


Designed to be indulgent and pampering, this is our most tranquil room. The 200 year old low ceiling, dimmed lighting and heated bed allows you to feel cocooned and completely switched off whilst receiving one of our signature facials, massages or body treatments. This room is named after the wall colour, which was inspired by the limited edition OPI nail colour called FLY.

The Fly Style Beauty Treatment Room at Skin Lounge
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