Alumier Hydrasmooth Moisturiser



An ultra-light, non-comedogenic moisturiser formulated to restore clarity to acne-prone skin while absorbing quickly and effectively, leaving no residue.

HydraSmooth Moisturiser is an ultra-light, non-comedogenic hydrator specifically formulated to restore clarity to acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid deeply penetrates pores to remove dead skin cells, help control acne pimples and allow skin to heal. An innovative encapsulated salicylic acid technology provides controlled delivery into the skin, which decreases its side effects and extends its effectiveness over time. Hinokitiol, Canadian Willowherb™ (Canadian Willowherb™ is used under license from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Canada Inc.) and aloe relieve redness and irritation. Allantoin and vitamin E (tocopherol) maintain skin’s moisture balance and the hydrolipid barrier.

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