Wildheart Organics Sanctuary Bath Oil




The perfect way to restore your body and soul. Pour into your bath and let the 21 essential oils infuse the room, 95% organic with organic organic apricot and organic safflower, this luxury oil will nourish and moisturise you skin leaving it soft and in glowing condition. This beautiful blend of organic apricot, organic safflower botanical oils with vitamin E. Perfect for de-stressing moments. This blend is the ultimate stress relieving treatment, Jasmine has an amazing ability to take the weight of the world from your shoulders whilst Roman Chamomile has unbelievable restorative powers to relieve anxiety and bring back balance and perspective into your life.

Our therapeutic blend is perfect for moments when you seek tranquillity in a busy day. A complex composition of 21 pure essential oils all selected for their calming and de-stressing properties.

The heart of the fragrance is exotic jasmine, chamomile and floral geranium, whilst calming rosewood and patchouli bring soothing base notes to the blend. 95% organic

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