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20% off of IPL Hair Reduction!

Throughout the month of June we are offering 20% off of 3 IPL Hair Reduction sessions!

Our Hair reduction sessions are fantastic for anyone wanting to reduce unwanted hair, so if you’re tired of constantly shaving then this is the time to try laser!

A little more about our IPL Hair Reduction…

With the advancement of todays’ technology, we are able to treat all unwanted hair safely and effectively by Intense Pulsed Light without causing any trauma or pain to the area.

The SHR light is applied to the skin in a very quick on-off action covering all of the problem area. The hair MUST be darker than your skin, as the light is attracted to the colour of your hair. This method heats up the hair follicle and kills off the blood supply and cells that feed the hair thus destroying it. As your hair grows in different stages we need to complete a course of treatment to capture as many hairs as possible.

Click here to watch the full video of the treatment. Warning – some flashing lights. 

IPL has been used for years and years and has successfully and safely treated unwanted hair without causing any damage to the skin. However, like most treatments it does have some medical limitations. A free consultation is recommended if you have any additional questions or would like further advice as to whether this is the right treatment for you.

We do recommend that you have a patch test of the laser and a full consultation one week before your first treatment to make sure your skin responds and recovers well.

The great thing about this latest generation of IPL Hair Reduction, is that you can still go on your sunny holidays without putting a pause on your treatment! We would still recommend that fake tan is not used around the time of your treatment.


“IPL has changed my life! I was so embarrassed to have excess facial hair, but the girls at SKIN lounge made me feel at ease. I wish I did it years ago.” — Elaine

“I find it incredible that by using light (heat) you can reduce the amount of unwanted hair so easily and painlessly. After all the years of waxing, shaving and plucking we now have an incredible solution – who wants underarm hair anyway?”— Paulina


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