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January Skin Brightening Package

If, like many of us, you have spent the majority of these cold months hibernating away indoors, you’re probably ready for a New Year brightening boost!

Over the winter, temperature fluctuations are not fun for skin! Cold weather and low humidity levels create dry air which results in dehydrated skin, this mixed with central heating and hot showers can cause the skin to feel sensitive, dry and dull.

This amazing skin brightening package includes a full skin Analysis and to determine the specifics of what you are looking to achieve for your skin and what we can do here at SKIN lounge to give you the best results possible, a full Alumier MD Glow Facial, a FREE Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment and a free Alumier Skincare trial.

Our motto at SKIN lounge is to achieve optimum skin health, that lasts. To do this we believe that for most skin types that skin peels and light therapy are an amazing combination.

WHAT – After your consultation (if suitable) we will book you in for your first amazing treatment in this package – The Alumier Glow Facial. This treatment is beautiful to experience with all the best Alumier products used and has fantastic results with very little social downtime, and as the name states – you will be glowing!

WHY – The reason we have included a Glow Facial in this package is to help your skin to function at its optimum health and radiance, by removing some of the dead skin on the surface and boosting new healthy skin cells – otherwise known as ‘increasing cell turnover’. Included in your facial will be the aftercare skincare kit that will last you around 5 days and a prescription of products that we think will provide you with the best ongoing skincare plan.

WHAT – After your facial treatment you will then receive a Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment. Dermalux is a completely pain-free skin treatment using the latest generation of LED Phototherapy to improve various skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, signs of ageing, sun damage and pigmentation but is also an amazing treatment to boost overall skin health which will give you the most incredible glow and skin refresh.

WHY – Dermalux uses 3 specific light waves: red, near infrared and blue light therapy, safely administered all at once to stimulate the body’s own natural repair processes. Imagine removing all of the harmful light waves from sunlight and keeping the beneficial ones – intensified. This is a fantastic choice to relax and have a snooze whilst your skin becomes radiant!

At SKIN lounge, we make sure we only sell the absolute best products which have been thoroughly clinically researched.

Related products – With this particular package of skin brightening we would recommend the AlumierMD Bright and Clear Solution – A refreshing brightening solution which exfoliates dead skin cells through the combination of Lactic Acid, Lime Pearl and Soy Amino Acids.

Another fantastic product is the AlumierMD Intellibright Complex Serum. This lightweight serum contains naturally powerful skin-lightening agents to brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.


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