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Flaunt your fabulous figure!

We understand.. the overindulgence over Christmas was REAL and we’re kind of phasing out of the whole ‘New year – new gym resolution’ thing – honestly, we’re the same! The pressure to be on a strict diet and exercise regime ready for the upcoming Easter holidays isn’t something we want to be a part of, which is why we are focussing on body treatments for TWO whole months to help us all start to notice some positive body changes!

You know that really stubborn area, it could be your tummy, the saddlebag area, love handles – that never seems to go no matter what exercise you do or how healthy you eat? That’s where we come in.

We aren’t promoting “the perfect body” or saying that you need to look a certain way, what we are doing is helping to rebuild confidence and make people feel beautiful in their own skin no matter the body shape – this is what we pride ourselves on.


What is T-shape? 

A 3 in 1 treatment working on advanced body remodelling to help regain your perfect figure – effectively reducing body circumference, tightening skin and targeting water retention.


Before and after 1 treatment, cellulite dimpling across cheeks. 

So… how does it work?

This Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatment radiates fat tissue and produces minuscule holes within the fat cell. This action then drains fatty acids from the cell reducing the volume. The lipids that leak out are then disposed of through the natural waste system.

Radiofrequency produces heat when in contact with tissue making the dermis produce new collagen, resulting in skin that appears firmer, more compact and younger.

T-Shape vacuum-assisted technology increases local blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage creating a firmer, more sculpted look!

What we’re offering..

We listened to what you said! Our mini courses of T-shape worked so well for you last year and we want to bring those back!

Course of 3 T-shape sessions – £350
Course of 6 T-shape sessions – £600
Course of 10 T-shape sessions – £950

We are also adding in a bonus offer of the perfect Holiday Ready Package which includes – 2 courses of 10 T-shape (20 sessions) and a FREE full body, luxury body scrub! £1,800.




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