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Freeze the clock with our anti ageing facials!

Do you ever wish you could turn back the clock and freeze time when you looked your best? 

Ageing is a natural process and effects everyone, however, with temperatures rising, UV rays becoming stronger and pollution aggravating our skin, these days we’re ageing even faster than ever!

Venus Freeze facials will help you regain your youth without the need of any harsh, invasive treatments!

Our 7 completely unique treatment rooms provide the perfect backdrop for high end, luxury treatments. From the beautiful and calming Lagoon room to the tranquil Garden of Eden, we have something for everyone.

The Lagoon treatment room is home to our amazing Venus Freeze Facial. This medical grade, anti-ageing treatment tightens the facial skin, contours the jowls, de-puffs the eyes, softens facial lines and wrinkles and smoothes and tones the neck by using Radio frequency waves with instant results! Exactly what we all need! 

Throughout July, we are offering a mini course of THREE fantastic Venus Freeze Facials for only £350! Start turning back the clock on your skin with this incredible rejuvenating treatment! 


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