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MOVE OVER MENOPAUSE – Discounted Signature Package

October 18th is World Menopause Day, a subject which is unfortunately still ‘taboo’ and considered embarrassing and yet will affect every single woman you know!


Did you know that once the Menopause hits – your body ceases production of collagen altogether! So that stuff that keeps our skin looking young, radiant and healthy… is not produced anymore!! Very sad news for us ladies!

We are celebrating women everywhere and have created a completely unique and incredible package for all those suffering through this difficult period.

MOVE OVER MENOPAUSE! Is the brand new SKIN lounge Signature package designed to kick start and bring back our much loved friend – Collagen, in full force! Let’s look the absolute very best we possibly can and kick menopause in the butt!! 🙌🏻

For two weeks only, this package will be massively discounted, so get in quick! After those two weeks, the package will return to full price.

MOM Signature Package includes:

1 x Half Face HIFU treatment
1 x Venus Freeze Face and Neck treatment
1 x Clearlift Face and Neck “Hollywood Facial” treatment
1 x IPL Skin Rejuvenation Face and Neck treatment

Clinical photos will also be taken to document your journey from beginning to end.

Offer price: £995
RRP: £1,649
Saving: £654!!



If that wasn’t amazing enough we are adding in a FREE Vitamin C serum and a FREE 0.5 Retinol serum. We have created the most bespoke, anti-ageing and collagen focussed package available in the aim to help women feel the most beautiful they can!


These are clinical studies of the HIFU treatment alone the deepest penetrating treatment second only to a Cosmetic Facelift, this is what one treatment can do – imagine the results combining 4 of the most powerful and results driven anti-ageing lasers with the expertise of our professional skin therapists and medical grade skincare.


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