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Suffering from post Summer pigmentation?

Whether we’ve spent too long in the sun, are tackling acne or just have the genetics – pigmentation and dark spots are something that can impact everyone at some point in their lives.

Tackling pigmentation can be very difficult and usually needs medical grade attention either in the form of products or treatments.

What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation happens when the cells that produce Melanin become damaged or over stimulated. This can be caused by UV exposure, trauma or hormones. The result of this is the uneven dark patches we see on our skin, usually across the face but can occur anywhere on the body.

How can we treat pigmentation?

To target the deeper layers of pigmentation, at the root of the cause not just on the surface, is usually treated with lasers or medical-grade equipment. Our incredible Skin Rejuvenation laser sends pulses of light into the upper layers of the skin which is then absorbed by Melanin. The heat from the energy destroys the cell causing the dark spots and stops the production of melanin.

What skincare products are best to use? 

We recommend the powerhouse duo of AlumierMD Intellibright and Eventone serums. These skincare products work incredibly together to combat pigment. Within these two serums we can stop the overproduction of Melanin in the deeper layers of the skin and brighten the surface at the same time!

Throughout October, we are offering a FREE AlumierMD Intellibright Serum with every Skin Rejuvenation Face and Neck treatment purchased.

This includes one free AlumierMD Intellibright Serum worth £60. The combination of our Skin Rejuvenation treatment and brightening serum will combat the look of dark pigmentation across the skin!

Don’t cover up discoloured skin with heavy makeup or accept it as just one of those things, let us bring your skin back to it’s full health!

Only available in October!