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‘Tis the season to Peel!

We all know the lead up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year!

With so many things to plan for, social events, gifts for friends and family, Christmas dinner, guests… there is one job that always ends up taking a back seat – making time for ourselves.

We are all guilty of not making enough time to concentrate on our own well-being at some point though the festive period, so we like to make things as easy and affordable as possible especially when it comes to caring for our skin at this time of year. This is why we have created the perfect package of facials to see you through until the New Year!

Now when I say the word ‘Peel’ I don’t want everyone to immediately switch off and think it’s scary or not the right treatment for your skin type. We call them Glow Peels because thats exactly what they are  – a peel treatment which makes your skin beautifully glowy. However, these treatments actually come under the umbrella of our Signature Facials Range. A range of high end, luxury, results driven treatments designed entirely by us to suit you.

Our peels are all completely bespoke, luxury facials which use medical grade products to achieve instant and long term results. We always tailor our peel treatments to suit exactly what your skin needs on the day, this way there is no excess damage caused to the surface of the skin.

Your first treatment starts off by using a very low strength, sensitive skin peel. This way we can assess how your skin reacts and modify the next treatment accordingly. The results from this treatment include a beautifully refreshed appearance, a youthful glow and firmer, more plump skin. You may experience light exfoliation but do not picture this…

We describe our skin peeling to be more like dry skin flaking off, nothing like poor Samantha experienced in Sex and the City!

Our range of customisable peel treatments can target a variety of different skin concerns from improving texture, tone and general skin health to problematic, acne skin, scarring and pigmentation, meaning we can treat any skin type and achieve the best results possible.

For December, we are offering a course of three exfoliating peels for £325- completely tailored to you for fantastic and healthy skin results over this winter period for an effortless, refreshed and radiant look! Extra care needs to be taken in winter to help combat the effects of harsh temperatures.


On top of this incredible offer we are gifting you a free Christmas present of an EverActive C+E Serum, beautifully presented in a winter bauble. These are not usually available to buy as single bottles, the retail boxes come with 3 bottles of the Vitamin C serum and cost £149, however we are adding these luxury skincare gifts onto our Christmas Peel Package!


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