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POSH – The Pyramid of Optimum Skin Health

The SKIN lounge Pyramid of Optimum Skin Health is something we have created as a visual representation and an informative way of explaining the different stages of skincare.


We have divided the pyramid into 4 sections from the must have section to the optimal skin care at the top. The Must Have section starts at the bottom of the pyramid, these are the fundamental items for basic skin health.

These essentials of Must Haves consist of:

  • Cleanser – A cleanser is an easy yet essential product for keeping skin clean and making sure we remove residue and a build up of dirt and sweat.
  • Antioxidant – An antioxidant is a naturally occurring Vitamin that protects your skin against free radical damage which comes from the environment and pollution. 
  • Sunscreen – This is a super important product and one of the most essential items. Your skin must be protected from all UV rays if it is to maintain any kind of health. UV rays are incredibly damaging to our skin and DNA, which is why a sunscreen is so important every single day.
The next step up from the Must Haves is the Good to Have section. This is the second step on the pyramid and contains a list of products that would increase your skins health with additional benefits.

The Good to Have section consists of:

  • Exfoliator – An exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. These products will help to keep a glowing and healthy complexion keeping the cell turnover at its best. Removing dead skin cells will remove the look of dull, dry skin.

  • Hydrator – This is a great step in everyones routine, we could all use more hydration! Hydrating serums will help to keep the skin looking plump and youthful and are a joy to use.

  • Vitamins A,C,E – These all give fantastic health benefits to the skin and are really good to include in your skincare regime. Vitamin A is a fabulous anti-ager, Vitamin C is your antioxidant and brightener and Vitamin E is a fantastic moisturising vitamin.


The third step of our pyramid is the Nice to Have list. These are products which will help you maintain the highest level of skin health through products alone. These are the products which you would include to cover all aspects of skin health. This would be around an 8 step routine morning and evening.

The Nice to Have section consists of:

  • Anti Glycation – This is an amazing ingredient which stops our skin cells being attacked by sugar molecules. When we have a lot of sugar in our diets, our skin suffers from collagen depletion resulting in older, more dull looking skin – which is called Glycation (a.k.a cell death by sugar.) This product protects against this happening.

  • Peptides – This is one of two ingredients clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing. Every skin type will benefit from an anti ager.

  • Correctors – These are for correction for any skin concerns, for example, pigmentation, rosacea or acne. These would be applied to the area of concern in order to fix the issue.

The final step of our Pyramid of Optimum Skin Health is having professional treatments. These  will help to treat the deeper layers of the skin where products cannot penetrate. These are designed for keeping the skin to a very high level of skin health. If you are having professional skin treatments as well as using medical grade skincare you will maintain incredible overall skin health by keeping each layer of the skin working to its maximum.

You will see that a few of these products cross over into different sections, this shows that some of these products will give you multiple benefits.
Our hydrating serum Ultimate Boost also contains Peptides which gives it dual effectiveness combatting hydration and anti ageing. Our EverActive Vitamin C is an antioxidant which also contains Vitamin E which keeps up high levels of moisture. Our Retinol serums contain Vitamin A and Peptides – these are the two ingredients clinically proven to reverse ageing, so in this product you are getting a powerhouse of anti ageing!

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