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Bespoke Acne Transformation Package

This teenage client was suffering from cystic and painful acne across the whole face and never used skincare products at home. His personalised programme consisted of the Clearskin Acne Laser, AlumierMD Skin Peels, Dermalux TriwaveMD and a bespoke homecare routine. His journey spanned across 12 months and is now on a skin maintenance plan that suits his lifestyle.




This clients primary concern was the facial pigmentation affecting her overall complexion. Her goal was to achieve a brighter, more even skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Her personalised treatment programme focused on utilising IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation to address her specific skincare goals. This client underwent a total of three IPL Skin Rejuvenation sessions, with each session spaced four weeks apart to allow for optimal results and skin recovery between treatments.




This client started out using a variety of high street products, that unknowingly had very stripping ingredients, alcohol and perfume. After a consultation, it was evident that her skin was very sensitive, inflamed and compromised from years of incorrect product use. The main redness was seen across the cheek and jawline area and would flush randomly throughout the day, producing a lot of heat in the skin. Her goal was to have clear, bright and repaired skin in time for her wedding.
Her skin journey consisted of gentle Medi-Facials to start, Clearlift Laser, Dermalux TriwaveMD, IPL Skin Rejuvenation and a full bespoke homecare routine.
This client is now on a skin maintenance plan which consists of regular Dermalux TriwaveMD sessions to keep the skin bright and RF Microneedling to prevent ageing.



Redness and inflammation

This client presented with concerns of persistent redness and inflammation around the nasal area, accompanied by generally unhealthy skin. We attributed the onset of her condition to environmental factors, exacerbated by a lack of a proper skincare routine. Additionally, her skin appeared dehydrated, dull and lacked vitality.  From our digital skin analysis, it was evident that the skin barrier function was compromised, leading to increased sensitivity and susceptibility to environmental aggressors.
Her personalised programme included the Dermalux TriwaveMD, IPL Skin Rejuvenation for Redness, RF Microneedling and a bespoke homecare routine.



Skin health, Clarity and Lift

This client wanted to address multiple concerns, including enhancing overall skin health, achieving a clearer complexion and restoring facial contours for a lifted appearance. Her personalised skincare plan of multiple treatments included IPL Skin Rejuvenation for Pigment, RF Microneedling and The Worlds Greatest Facial alongside a bespoke homecare plan. This tailored combination of treatment and product ensured that each area of concern was targeted.



Skin health improvement with Anti-Ageing focus

The aim for this client was to improve her overall skin health and combat visible signs of ageing. Her primary goals included achieving a more youthful appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing skin vitality. We incorporated a multifaceted treatment strategy combining various modalities to target different aspects of ageing in the skin as well as a full bespoke homecare regime. Her skin treatment plan consisted of Clearlift Laser, Dermalux TriwaveMD, Alumier Skin Peels and HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift.



Tattoo Removal

This client had 2 very large, old tattoo pieces on the back of each shoulder using a lot of deep black and green ink. These images are after 3 sessions, each 10 weeks apart. The green ink is now the only colour left to treat using the Harmony XL Pro Tattoo Removal laser.



Skin Tag Blemish Removal

After years of an annoying skin tag on the inside of this clients elbow, it was removed in a few minutes using a fine sterile needle that cauterises the blood feeding the blemish. Advanced Electrolysis is a very gentle and chemical free method causing no damage or scarring to the surrounding skin and improving quality of life in a matter of minutes.