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How you can reawaken your skin after the entire festive season

After a month of too much alcohol, too much chocolate and a truck load of predominantly beige food, that lacklustre and dull complexion is unavoidable. However, we can reverse the damage with a little bit of know-how…

  1. Get drinking! (water that is..) This is a biggie, we’re all dehydrated due to the temperature but alcohol really does suck the last remaining moisture from your skin and body, not to mention the sugar content killing all of our lovely collagen! Replenish that hydration!
  2. Always remove any makeup before bed. I know it may be the last thing you want to do in the early hours after a boozy party but believe me, your skin will thank you for it! Wearing makeup overnight can clog pores, create spots and age you so much faster! Not what we want, thanks.
  3. Include your eyes! Dark circles and puffy under eyes can be classic sign of all that late night festive frolicking. Be gentle, the skin around our eyes is much thinner than the rest of our face so treat it as you would a baby. Only use eye creams around the eyes (obvious?) especially those which are going to improve elasticity and firmness whilst also containing super moisturising ingredients. Under eye rescue pads are also a great option! Pop these in the fridge before hand for extra comfort. On the other hand, if you can’t bear the bright lights of the bathroom after a heavy night, cold slices of cucumber from the fridge will instantly reduce puffiness (and maybe grab a snack whilst you’re there).
  4. Get a mask on! (no, not that kind of mask for once). A face mask that contains intense hydration will be your best friend if you need to get your skin looking dewy and fresh asap. Look for Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and NMF’s (natural moisturising factors) to make sure you’re soothing the skin and protecting it at the same time or just go for the Aqua Infusion Mask and save yourself the trouble!
  5. Do it in your sleep.. Not only does our body benefit but once we drift off, our skin starts work on healing and recovery. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep! To enhance the natural effects of sleep, doing a quick routine including a nourishing, rich moisturiser will help soothe any irritation and keep the ageing process at bay!

With these few changes and some helpful tips, looking fresh as a daisy again will be easily managed.


Let us know your go-to cures for your skin after a long festive season or just a weekend pampering routine!

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