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Why are seasonal skin reviews so important?

Our skin changes like the weather! Ok… maybe not that much, but it definitely changes with the weather.

As the temperature drops and our lifestyle habits change, our skin can really suffer. If you’ve experienced more sensitivity in the winter or felt more dryness and dull appearance, then you will have seen the effects of seasonal changes. This is where our Seasonal Skin Reviews work their magic!

Imagine you have a flower in your garden, during the summer it’s getting plenty of sunlight, it’s being watered regularly, it’s looking and living it’s best life, in perfect conditions. Then the winter comes around, lack of sunlight, freezing temperatures, harsh winds – no wonder it starts to die off. This is exactly what happens to our skin.

For our skin to stay happy during these colder months we have to adapt what we use and switch up a few things. During our seasonal skin reviews, we cover all the topics that come with the changing of the seasons. Usually, we need to use richer moisturisers, creamier cleansers and generally give a bit more TLC to our skin during winter months because we can often see increased dehydration and dullness.


What should you be changing within your skincare?

1. Make sure you’re always cleansing your face twice in the evening. The correct cleanser will not leave you feeling dry and tight and will prep your skin for the next products you use.

How to adapt seasonally? – Add in a hydrating cleanser on the second cleanse.

2. Use a Retinol wisely. This speeds up cell turnover and gives you a brighter appearance, ridding your skin of any dead cell build up.

How to adapt seasonally? – If there is increased sensitivity, lower the doses to avoid further irritation whilst skin is compromised.

3. Protect yourself from the elements.

How to adapt seasonally? – Apply Vitamin C every morning! This is an essential protector against wind, rain, indoor heating and environmental particles.

4. Use a moisturiser. During warmer months, we may not need as much moisturiser as we think we do in the winter.

How to adapt seasonally? – Thicker cream isn’t always the answer. Your skin will become reliant on the heavy moisturiser the more it’s used so add this in when you feel you need it. Try a calming moisturiser over something really heavy.

5. Sunscreen. Yes, you heard right. Think of this more as an environmental shield than a sun protection.

How to adapt seasonally? – there is no adapting, continue to wear this everyday!

We change everything during the seasons. Our wardrobe, food choices and habits all change as the weather does. So why wouldn’t we do the same for our skincare? we want to ensure that we are providing our skin with everything it needs in order to cope with the cold and keeping hydration levels up and protected as much as possible.


“With the skin already being under the day to day pressures of stress, lack of sleep, pollution, poor diet, alcohol and the sun; the winter just adds to the stress our skin goes through everyday” – says our lead skin expert Rachel Huskinson. “It’s really simple to change. After a sit down chat with a skin therapist we can quickly decide where changes need to be made. This may be as simple as adding in a hydrating serum or simply switching your moisturiser.”


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