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Let’s talk teenage skin…

The puberty years can be a melting pot of all sorts of things – emotions, skin, hair and body all go through various ups and downs whilst our hormones try to figure out what’s happening. However, you don’t have to suffer and just put up with problematic skin in the hope that you’ll grow out of it at some point. Skin care is a serious part of our health and wellbeing and should be considered just as important as exercise and eating healthily.

One of the most important things we can teach children, from a young age, is to wear sunscreen. Starting with religiously applying sunscreen is the first step to looking after your skin as most of the sun damage we see in later life happens very early on. By beginning with a decent, physical* sunscreen, we are ensuring that they are taking the absolute best precaution against future skin damage. This is the start of caring for their skin and as we all know, prevention is better than cure.

In this day and age social media is the go-to for everything. This includes everything to do with skin – teens would instantly take to social media rather than ask a professional their opinion and somehow an influencer putting a concoction of mashed banana and spices on their skin is a believable way to keep acne at bay?? We also know that not everyone has the same skin type so copying youtube videos rarely works! Not to mention it’s not actually educated or qualified advice.

For example, these videos. Who knew all you needed was toothpaste and a lemon?! I wish we’d known that before investing in the worlds leading hair removal machine…

You may be thinking that a skincare routine has to be something elaborate with hundreds of different products and serums that cost the earth. It doesn’t. Especially for teen skin. We tend to always start with gentle products that minimise inflammation whilst also keeping the skin clean. The first skincare product we always recommend is a cleanser – lets get the skin clean and in good shape before we start creating routines. If we get the basics right, the rest comes easily. A lot of acne- related problems we see in teens is due to dirt and bacteria, that being said, a simple cleanser will be their best friend!

A favourite cleanser of ours (and the most popular) for teen skin is the Purifying Gel cleanser. This is a brilliant foamy wash that cleans out the pores and removes impurities and excess oil but also leaves the skin feeling super soft. It’s also really easy to use, just a 5p size amount and lots of water. Skincare doesn’t have to be something that takes hours either. Some teenagers barely wash their face let alone do a 7 step cleansing routine! We always say to cleanse your face when you’re brushing your teeth and in a few minutes you’ve done both jobs!

Purifying Gel Cleanser £29.50


One wash will do..

Think about everything we put on our skin – SPF, serums, moisturisers, hydrators.. add that to makeup, pollution and sweat and one wash does not even scratch the surface! Always second cleanse in the evening. First cleanse cleanses the day, second cleanse cleanses the skin.

I can just rinse off the cleanser with water..

No, water alone will not remove your cleanser properly. Using a soft cloth will help to remove all makeup and dirt whilst mildly exfoliating the skin. They will also leave the skin fully clean rather than having any residue left behind. 

Water temperature..

Make sure the water temperature is warm enough that it feels comfortable running your hands in. Water thats too hot can dry out the skin and too cold will not clean properly. Warm water will lift the dirt out of your skin.

I use face wipes to clean my face..

They may be the easy option, but at what price to your skin? The majority of wipes are loaded with chemicals which will break down makeup but also can aggravate the skin. Scrubbing mascara off with a makeup wipe can be too harsh on the delicate eye area. Not to mention the impact they have on the environment.





(*There are two types of sunscreen – physical and chemical. A physical sunscreen sits on the surface of the skin and acts as a shield. A chemical sunscreen is absorbed into the skin and creates a heat reaction under the skin to damage the UV rays. Always think – “Lets get Physical!”)

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