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The Menopause Memo

With all the years experience I have working with menopause aged women, I truly understand the challenges that women go through. I feel so thankful for this as at least I am aware of what really happens. Unlike my poor mum who went through it cold turkey with no advice, guidance or support which has effected so many aspects of her life.

We should be talking about the menopause openly! It is certainly nothing to be afraid of – all women will go through it at some stage of their life, and with each other’s support by talking and sharing our emotional and physical experiences it will make the process a lot more bearable.

A lovely new client of mine was wondering why her skin had dramatically aged over the last few years – she said that nothing had changed in her life, she ate well, didn’t drink much alcohol and took part in regular exercise, so what had changed? It was something that she didn’t even realise was associated with her skin’s ageing process – the bloody menopause! This revelation was so enlightening to my client, and many other female clients because it gave her the reason that she had been searching for!

And here’s why…

If you don’t already know (and most people don’t) women STOP producing collagen naturally after the menopause.

So why is this an important factor? Collagen is the protein in the skin that keeps us looking young, firm and wrinkle free. So unfortunately when we stop producing the skin’s protein everything starts to head south – depressing huh, yet another thing to add to the list of side effects that the menopause causes. 

The great news is there are many treatments and products that have an incredible impact on the ageing process, ideally the earlier the better but trust me – it is never too late!

If you only use 3 products these should be the absolute must haves for home care products. In my expert opinion, everyone over 35 should be using these to preserve, protect, strengthen and stimulate healthy skin cells.

Vitamin C – I cannot think of any skin that would not benefit from the incredible benefits and protection that vitamin C can provide. Using a medical grade vitamin C is a little like having an army of soldiers sitting inside the skin protecting your skin cells from invasion. Read more in my Vitamin C blog post.

Retinol and Peptides – Should be in everyones skin care regime, however, it is even more crucial during and after the menopause due to the depletion of that crucial protein, collagen. Retinol and peptides are the ONLY two ingredients clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing. Explained in more detail within my Understanding Retinol Part 1 and 2 posts

Sunscreen – Should be worn 365 days of the year by anyone who would like to age the best that they can. There is no point stimulating new skin cells just for UVA to damage it again, even in cloudy weather! You can ready my compelling argument for sunscreen in my ‘Why is sunscreen so important?’ post. 

HIFU – The deepest penetrating non surgical facelift in the world! Simply nothing compares, backed by many of the leading cosmetic surgeons – in my opinion this treatment should be a part of everyone’s treatment regime if they are concerned with ageing.

Clearlift – Known worldwide as the ‘Hollywood facial’ Clearlift is a non-invasive laser treatment to target both the quality of your skin and the deeper collagen with no discomfort or downtime. A huge favourite with the clients of SKIN lounge.

Venus – Using radio frequency to heat the deeper layers of the skin Venus freeze is amazing for tightening the skin, sculpting of the jowls and de puffing of the eyes. A great treatment to start your anti ageing journey.

Chemical Peels – As we age, the rate of which our skin sheds dramatically slows down, resulting in dull lifeless skin, often with an irregular tone and texture. Peels help to regulate the cell turnover to brighten and even out the skin. An essential part of my skin care regime, and I promise not as scary as it sounds. Just think of peels as a relaxing facial – with dramatic, lasting results!

I hear lots of women say that they get to a stage (usually around the menopause) and they feel irrelevant and even invisible. No person should ever feel this way – life is too short, be proud of the skin that you are in and don’t give up on you! If you don’t invest in you –  who will?




If there’s something you wish to discuss about the skins’ response to menopause and you would like to have a private consultation please get in touch.

Best wishes

Rachel x

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