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The truth about ageing and how to pause the clock!

Picture ageing skin.. what do you see?
Deep lines, sagging skin, crows feet, jowls? We all imagine ageing skin to be someone “middle or old aged” with all of the above right? It’s as if ageing almost happens overnight and then suddenly you don’t recognise the person in the mirror.


The truth is, the first visible signs of ageing are often seen in our 30’s. But 30 isn’t even old? – it’s not, but from the age of 21 women lose 1% collagen every year! Collagen is the protein that keeps our skin firm and youthful so naturally, from 21 our skin is slowly ageing, this can be as little as changes in appearance and texture to the addition of environmental aggressors causing visible and premature damage.

With this in mind, the only way to really stimulate the production of new collagen is from the outside, with professional treatments and products. We always say that prevention is better than cure. The earlier you start using anti-ageing products or professional treatments, the easier it will be to maintain a youthful, radiant appearance. It is much harder to rewind the clock than it is to postpone the ageing process.

The main way that treatments kick start collagen production is by the use of controlled micro wounds, especially when it comes to laser treatments. The laser facials that we offer do exactly this. Tiny controlled wounds are created in the deeper layers of the skin which sends an alarm bell to our collagen, this then floods to the area to begin the healing process and create stronger, healthier skin.

We have a range of premium equipment to combat anti-ageing and produce outstanding results, our most popular being the Clearlift laser, otherwise known as the Hollywood Facial. This treatment is designed to specifically target age related skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dull skin. Lasers can sometimes sound very scary, however with this particular treatment, there is no discomfort at all as it uses an acoustic sound wave.

As, the name also suggests, it’s a firm favourite within our A-list celebrity regimes! and what’s not to love? A lifting and brightening laser facial that has no downtime or discomfort meaning you can go straight back to work for your next meeting whilst your collagen renews and builds a stronger foundation!

So how does it work?

Clearlift is an all over face, neck and eye treatment using the first ever fractional non-ablative q-switched laser. Meaning that we can target the lower layers of your skin without using heat, which can aggravate more sensitive skin conditions like rosacea. Instead, Clearlift uses an acoustic sound wave to breakdown old collagen and encourage the rebuild of new more healthy collagen, whilst targeting the upper skin layers overall health and appearance.

What products should I use?

We have seriously incredible products in our AlumierMD range. Designed by a team of leading scientists and biochemists within the skincare industry, Alumier only using the best and safest ingredients. Did you know – there are only two ingredients that are clinically proven to reverse ageing? These are Retinol and Peptides. Our Retinol products have BOTH of these ingredients in.
However, if you’re new to professional ranges of skincare we would advise a beautiful serum called Ultimate Boost to begin your anti-ageing journey. This is a lightweight and intensely hydrating serum that will strengthen, firm and improve the elasticity of the skin. Did we also mention this has Peptides in? This serum is hydrating, enhancing AND anti-ageing. That is why we are including this fantastic product totally free within our Clearlift mini course!

When can I start?

During November, we are running a Clearlift campaign as a way for you to trial a mini course of 3 Clearlift facials just in time for the party season! The affects of Clearlift are constantly working, we mentioned how the collagen is rebuilding under the skin – this is not an overnight job! For around 12 weeks post treatment, your collagen is still continuing to grow stronger and healthier, so by the end of your mini course of 3 treatments your skin will be in a fantastic, glowing and healthy state.

It’s a no brainer, 3 professional anti-ageing treatments and a free anti-ageing product worth £69.50?!


Normal price – £669.50
November package price – £450


Get in touch with the clinic as soon as you can to book your November package.

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