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Rachel’s Top Tips To Help With Winter Skin

With the skin already being under the day to day pressures of stress, lack of sleep, pollution, poor diet, alcohol, and the sun; the winter just adds to the stress our skin goes through every day.

Lack of sunlight, freezing cold winds, icy rain, and severe temperature changes when going from outside to inside all cause the skin to act out in different ways…often shown with:

  • Intense dryness
  • Roughness
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity
  • Blocked Pores
  • Spots
  • Dullness
  • Dehydration

So here are my top tips to help with troublesome winter skin.

Always cleanse your face twice at night – the correct cleanser will not dry out your skin! Deep cleaning will help your serum and moisturiser to penetrate the skin more effectively, relieving the dryness. Thorough cleansing will also prevent irritating blackheads, blocked pores, and spots. Check out my cleansing blog for a more detailed insight into the importance of cleansing.

Use retinol at night – this will help to speed up cell turnover (renewal of new cells), sloth off the ‘burnt toast’ (old cells) which makes our skin look dull and feel rough, and stimulate your skins natural moisture from the inside out. Because retinol (vitamin A) is so so important I have written two detailed blogs with everything you need to know about using Retinol.

Apply Vitamin C every single morning! It will provide your skin with essential protection against the environment, wind, rain, and heating. The Ever Active C&E  by Alumier is my absolute go to for the greatest form of Vitamin C available.

Thick moisturiser is not the answer – most people think if the skin is dry we need to slap on as much thick lard like product as possible. The problem with this theory is that ultra thick products will prevent your skin from making its own moisture which starts the vicious cycle of NEEDING an ultra thick moisturiser. A great all round moisturiser is the Alumier Hydradew, it repairs the barrier function within your skin to desensitise and moisturise. A firm SKIN lounge favorite.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! My blog about the importance of sunscreen goes into way more detail so I will keep it brief – please wear your SPF 365 days per year. Damaging light rays and pollution are always around us so even on a cold cloudy day COVER UP!

I would love for you to have facial treatments at least once a month all year round but sometimes life gets in the way. If you can, please please have regular facials in the winter, your skin really needs the extra help at this harsh time.

But which facial is best? With the lack of sunlight, an amazing facial treatment is Dermalux Phototherapy £58, this light treatment will synthesise the goodness that sunlight brings to the skin without any of the harmful UV rays. Brightening, healing, desensitising and it only takes 30 minutes! And this treatment is even more amazing when added to our cosmeceutical facial.

And finally, please don’t ignore your skin changes, just a few small tweaks to your routine can make a world of difference to your skin.

If you need any other tips please add a comment below.

Rachel x

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