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Acne Transformation Subscription

Most skin conditions and concerns didn’t appear over night, so just changing your moisturiser or having a one-off facial is unlikely to give you the skin that you’re dreaming of. However, our technology and experts can help your skin and confidence completely transform.

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Procedure Time
60 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
Healing Time
5 Days
Best For
Those suffering with Acne issues
No. Of Treatments
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Home Care Regime

Each month, you’ll receive a completely bespoke Medi-Facial, designed to address your unique skincare needs. This may include individual or combinations of treatments such as the Clearskin Acne Laser, Alumier Skin Peel and Extraction. Our expert Aestheticians will assess your skins condition and customise each session to target acne-causing factors, whether it’s excess oil production, clogged pores, inflammation or deep cystic spots.

Through a combination of deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, targeted treatments and calming ingredients, our Medi-Facials work to unclog pores, reduce inflammation and promote skin renewal, leaving you with a noticeably improved, more even complexion whilst targeting the root causes of Acne.

Alongside your Bespoke monthly facial, you’ll also receive a full Dermalux Triwave MD session to encourage healing, promote skin health and kill bacteria. Our experts will provide you with personalised skincare recommendations and guidance to optimise your at-home routine. Skincare will contribute to quicker results and healthier skin and must be used alongside professional treatment. We believe in empowering you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your results long-term.

This Skin Subscription is a minimum 6 month commitment – we cannot guarantee any results in less time than this. Acne is a complex skin issue which does not appear overnight and needs multiple treatments in order to combat against the root causes. Any acne journey can be a rollercoaster including periods of huge improvement but also purging which can make the skin look worse before it gets better. Purging comes from all of the bacteria sitting under the skin which, by stimulation, makes its way to the surface. Purging is a short term inconvenience but long term benefit. Trusting the process is essential on any acne journey but our practitioners are here to guide you through these moments.



Monthly Direct Debit
Minimum 6 month commitment
£245 per month

1 x Bespoke Acne Medi-Facial
1 x Dermalux TriwaveMD session

Value of £280 per session, saving £35.



Staff Review

The only way to start seeing long lasting improvements to acne skin is by being consistent. This is the perfect option for that! Regular appointments, monthly payments and bespoke skin advice is a fantastic way to ensure you're receiving the best service possible.

— Lucy

After spending years going back and forth to a dermatologist with my acne I came across Skin Lounge Aesthetics…the owner Rachel has so much knowledge about skin and after an initial consultation began to work on my acne. The results were amazing and have given me so much more confidence! I honestly couldn’t recommend Skin lounge any higher! They really are skin specialists!
Thank you Rachel and your wonderful team!


  • Louise T.
— Louise


What is included each month?

You will receive a Bespoke Medi-Facial specifically designed for Acne related issues and a Dermalux TriwaveMD session to use on two separate occasions each month. This gives you two treatments per month.

How long is each session?

The Bespoke Medi-Facial is 60 minutes, the Dermalux TriwaveMD session is 30 minutes.

Will this Subscription help with acne scarring?

Yes, it will help to improve any current scarring and prevent further scarring. This Subscription is best for those who are seeing active breakouts, if your concern is just acne scarring and you have breakouts under control then we would suggest different treatments for you.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Any acne treatment is a journey. You will see small improvements along the way but acne skin can be unpredictable and we can experience purging (areas of breakouts). You must commit to at least 6 months so that you will see longer lasting improvements.

Can I have other treatments alongside this subscription?

Absolutely. You can still have other treatments between your subscription, such as more Dermalux LED Triwave sessions, however your practitioner will recommend if this is needed.

Are there any precautions I need to take before starting this subscription?

We always hold a thorough consultation before starting a new skin transformation journey. We will need to know all medical history and if there are currently any medications being taken that will impact the treatments you can receive. You must be off of any Roaccutane or any Accutane medications for 6 months before we can treat.

How do I book my sessions?

You can call, text, use the website or email us to book your sessions. Your practitioner will make sure that your next session is booked in before you leave.