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Dermalux LED Phototherapy Facial

Dermalux is a non-invasive, pain-free skin treatment using the latest generation of LED Phototherapy to improve acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, signs of ageing, sun damage and pigmentation but is also an amazing treatment to boost overall skin health.

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Procedure Time
30 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
Healing Time
Best For
No. Of Treatments
Dependant on client
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Home Care Regime

How does it work?

Dermalux LED Phototherapy uses 3 specific light waves: red – to enhance the rejuvenating properties increasing hydration and collagen levels. Near infrared to regenerate the deeper layers, increasing the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the skin and accelerating repair. Lastly, blue light to target bacteria.

These are all safely administered at once to stimulate the body’s own natural repair processes. Imagine removing all of the harmful light waves from sunlight and keeping the beneficial ones intensified.





Junior Therapist Senior
Dermalux LED Facial £40 £61 £63


Staff Review

I can see why Dermalux is a multi Award winning treatment, I have never seen results from a non-invasive facial that are so powerful, especially for acne. Everybody should be having Dermalux!

— Rachel

The LED Dermalux is a great treatment. It has worked wonders on my skin, really clearing up most of my scarring and blemishes. You spend 20 minutes under the light, so it’s also a great way to relax.

— Tristan


Do I need a course?

Not necessarily. We recommend Dermalux as a boost to any skin treatment, or as a stand-alone quick fix lunchtime facial. However, if we are treating a skin condition like acne or rosacea we would advise a course of at least 6, twice a week for 3 weeks.

Is it safe?

Yes! This machine contains no UV light and our particular model is used in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in their burns department.

Side effects?

Not at all, this treatment brings only a positive glowing response to your skin.

What does it feel like?

Nothing! There is no sensation at all. You will wear protective eye goggles as the light is super bright.

Anything else I should know?

If you are claustrophobic let us know as we want the light to be as close to your face as possible. Some clients bring their iPods with them, especially if you find it hard to relax, you can catch up on an audio book while you’re lying there.

Is there any age restrictions?

We have age restrictions on all of our treatments at SKIN Lounge due safety reasons and the body constantly changing. With the Dermalux treatment we will require a consultation before hand with the parent or guardian for any child under the age of 16 however the high level of safety from this machine can treat youths.