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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Using a specially formulated eyelash dye, this treatment is designed to darken and enhance lashes and brows making them look thicker and longer. Over time the colour will fade back to its natural pigment so monthly maintenance is advised. A patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment.

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How does it work?

The tint of desired colour is applied to the hair for 5-20 minutes depending on hair type and area. For eyelash tinting petroleum jelly is applied to protect the skin and cotton wool pads are put into place, both top and bottom lashes are treated while your eyes are closed. We then gently remove the tint to instantly reveal darker thicker lashes. Great for those who wear glasses and for holidays! For Eyebrow tinting the same product is used and applied in the direction of hair growth to the shape of the eyebrow, creating a more defined but natural shape.

This gives a more natural look and is less commitment than microblading that uses semi permanent ink to colour the brows.



VIP Members Aesthetic Practitioner Senior Aesthetic Practitioner
Eyelash Tint £21 £32 £34
Eyebrow Tint £11 £19 £21
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £25 £36 £40
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint & Shape £32 £50 £55
Eyebrow Tint & Shape £23 £34 £37


Staff Review

I used to wear lash extensions and found they looked so unnatural and totally ruined my natural lashes! Because of this I wanted to seek a more natural, lash kind alternative. Eyebrow shape isn’t complete without a tint…a great way to get extra definition and a pleasant alternative to Microblading.

— Rachel


Will this damage my eyelashes?

Not at all, we use the best quality tint, it is extremely gentle and is completely safe for lashes and eyebrows.

How long will it last?

Tinting can last between 4-6 weeks, it tends to fade a lot quicker on eyebrows due to facial cleansing so these may need to be done more often than eyelashes.

Why do I require a patch test?

It is very rare that anyone would have a reaction but it is important to check that you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients in the tint. The products are applied to a plaster and put onto your upper arm; any reactions that occur will show within 48 hours (itching, swelling, redness).

Is there any age restrictions?

We have age restrictions on all of our treatments at SKIN Lounge due safety reasons and the body constantly changing. Any tinting requires a minimum age of 16 years old.