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tattoo artist creates a fine line tattoo on a client's back

Fine Line Tattoo – by Samarra Lee

Samarra Lee is an elite permanent makeup and tattoo artist with over 5 years experience treating clients in London and the surrounding areas. Being added to the SKIN lounge Community of Experts means that she is the best in her field. Her expertise lies in creating delicate tattoos that compliment your natural body shape.

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Procedure Time
30 mins+
Back to Work
Pain Level
Healing Time
7 days +
Best For
Anyone looking for small, delicate tattoos
No. Of Treatments
1 - possibly with a touch up
Product Aftercare
Bespoke tattoo balm

Tattoo Design & Placement

Placement is a crucial aspect of this style of tattooing. The designs are carefully thought out to flow with the curves and contours of the body, enhancing the natural beauty of the form. Whether it be a small, delicate piece on the wrist, or a larger, more intricate design on the back, the placement of the tattoo and negative space is just as important as the design itself.

Ink Value Ratios

Ink Ratios can have a massive influence on the outcome. We will use these different mixes to compliment skin tones, make the artwork pop and use them strategically to create lines or shading. There are 5 main mixes that we can create using our ink and the water/ witch hazel solution.

Black – 100%
Dark – 75%
Medium – 50%
Light – 35%
Lightest – 35%

Fine Line and Tiny Tattoos are created by Samarra using delicate techniques and machines. You could require a a split appointment where you may need a small touch up.



The pricing varies for Fine Line or Tiny Tattoos. Bespoke designed tattoos have a start rate from £130 with a £50 deposit.

Depending on size and placement Samarra will be able to give you an accurate quote during your design consultation.

Please send an email highlighting your design idea with any inspiration photos/ images.

For pre designed Flash Tiny Tattoos that have already been designed by Samarra, these one off pieces are £90. If you choose to have more than one tiny tattoo on the same day, it is priced at 2 for £120 and 3 for £150.

Please note: Tiny Tattoos are 1cm in size.

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What are fine line tattoos?

Fine Line or Tiny Tattoos are a stunning way to decorate your body with subtle yet elegant artworks. The artwork that is characteristic of this style is created with careful precision to blend seamlessly with the natural form of the human body. The result is a breath taking design that appears as if it was always meant to be a part of you. One of the defining features of this delicate style of tattooing is the use of elegant line work, ethereal shading or lettering and calligraphy. These techniques come together to create a design that is both intricate and understated.

Can I have help thinking of a design?

Whatever Fine Line or Tiny Tattoo ideas you have, Samarra will be happy to work with you in the design process to create the perfect artwork for you. Ranging from a single symbol or letter, calligraphy or bespoke designs. These tattoos are a stunning way to adorn your body with art that you can carry with you always.

Where can I see some inspiration?

Make sure you keep an eye out on Samarras’ Instagram page for some one of a kind tattoo flash inspiration, or if you are interested in a bespoke design please email Samarra with your ideas and inspiration.