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HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift

The pinnacle of skin technology – High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU), also renowned as Ultherapy, is an extraordinary alternative to traditional cosmetic face-lifts, all without the necessity of surgery. Elevating and toning the face, neck and eyes, HIFU delivers a striking yet naturally uplifting transformation. Experience the ultimate in non-invasive rejuvenation as HIFU is acclaimed for reducing the visible signs of ageing by 4 to 8 years in just a single treatment.

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Procedure Time
30 – 120 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
Healing Time
Best For
Over 40’s
No. Of Treatments
1 – 2
Immediate – Progressive
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Homecare Regime

How does it work?

HIFU targets deep down in the foundation layer of your skin, the same layer addressed in cosmetic surgery called the SMAS layer (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System).

Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside in, the HIFU procedure bypasses the surface of the skin, and delivers targeted energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues and muscles where collagen lives.

HIFU involves penetrating ultra-sound energy to stimulate collagen production in the deep dermal and sub dermal levels, which results in micro injury to that tissue. As the tissue heals, it increases collagen and as the collagen fibres organise and shorten, a tightening effect is seen on the skin.


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VIP Members Aesthetic Practitioner Senior Aesthetic Practitioner
Hydrating & Deep lifting £300 £350
Half Treatment £500 £600
Full Face & Neck £750 £800 £950


Staff Review

In my 20+ years of working within the beauty industry I have genuinely never seen such remarkable results with a facial treatment. Anti-ageing at its very best!

— Rachel

I was excited to try HIFU but wasn’t sure it would really work for me. I have lost a lot of weight, which has left me with excess loose skin along my jawline and neck. HIFU has made such a huge difference to the way I look which has had a massive boost to my confidence. To say I’m happy is a huge understatement! Have HIFU – it’s amazing!

  • Jane B.
— Jane


Why is SKIN lounge Aesthetics different to others?

In our approach to treatments, we adhere to a fundamental routine, ensuring a solid foundation. However, our commitment extends beyond the basics as we consistently go above and beyond to achieve optimal results in the time you spend with us. We understand that our prices are higher than others, however, our pricing reflects the quality of our services backed by our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, our treatment rooms are equipped with the latest advancements, contributing to an incomparable experience for our clients.

Do I need a course of treatments?

In most cases only one treatment is required. Additional treatments may be required to successfully treat advanced ageing. A second treatment can be performed 3 months after your first session however we usually recommend 6 months if a top up is needed.

Do I need to maintain the results?

Patients treated with HIFU still have fresh, young collagen after a years time following the procedure, but future touch up treatments can help keep pace with the ageing process, which varies by individual.

Is HIFU safe?

Yes! HIFU is the only FDA cleared non-surgical facelift treatment available. In fact it is so safe, HIFU was developed to treat some cancers using thermal energy.

Will I see results straight away?

20% of your overall result will be seen immediately with the remaining 80% being seen within 6 months of treatment.

Are there side effects?

There may be redness in the area treated for up to a few hours following the treatment, and a small percentage of clients may have swelling, bruising, tingling or tenderness to touch, but these are mild and temporary in nature.

Does it hurt?

You may feel some discomfort, warmth or heat sensation or even a slight pain that lasts less than a few seconds and only during the pulsation cycle when ultrasound energy is being applied. The discomfort is very brief and a good sign that the collagen building process has begun.

Can I have Fillers and Botox alongside this treatment?

HIFU is the deepest penetrating non-surgical facial and will break down fillers if you have them already. If you want to keep the fillers, then providing how much is already within the face, we can work around it, however it’s not ideal as we want to get the whole face lifted. We would recommend to have Botox at least 10 days after your HIFU treatment or until the tender feeling or bruising has subsided.

Why does it take a while for tenderness to subside?

We are working very deeply within the skin using a thermal coagulation process of between 65-75 °. The first 48 hours are the Inflammatory stage where the skin is emergency repairing. 2 days – 6 weeks is the proliferative phase where contraction takes place and new red blood cells form. The last stage, which can be 3 weeks – 1 month+ is the remodelling phase where the strength of the skin is increasing and lifting. This is why the tender feeling can last a while as we are transforming the skin from within and this is a lengthy process.

Is there any age restrictions?

We have age restrictions on all of our treatments at SKIN lounge Aesthetics due safety reasons and the body constantly changing. HIFU requires a minimum age of 18 years old.