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Luxury Bespoke Mr. Cool Facial

When your skin is in need of a helping hand and feeling a bit delicate, this facial ticks all the boxes, with 30 minutes of soothing products to calm your skin and your senses you can focus on feeling your normal self in no time.

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Procedure Time
30 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
Healing Time
Best For
Sensitive male skin
No. Of Treatments
Immediate/ Progressive
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Homecare Regime

How does it work?

Even if you think there is not a product that doesn’t react with your skin, our professionals will be able to tailor your facial to exactly what your skin needs without the sensitivity flare up. Our products will also deliver key ingredients, such as emollients and Hyaluronic Acid, into the skin to help heal and replenish what’s missing. Designed specifically for redness prone skin, the Mr. Cool facial is the stepping stone to healthy skin.

Using the fantastic range of Alumier MD skincare we gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The treatment is then created using a bespoke range of calming products and finished with a recovery moisturiser and SPF. This luxury bespoke facial will target your individual skin concerns and leave your skin totally transformed.

Adding the Dermalux LED Phototherapy to our Mr. Cool facial will begin healing the compromised skin from within, adding beneficial light waves to the skin increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to accelerate the bodys’ natural repair process.



Junior Therapist Senior
Mr. Cool Facial £37 £58 £61
Add LED Phototherapy £16 £29 £32


Staff Review

Such a great starting point for men who have sensitive skin, especially those who are finding they have shaving rashes or sore, red skin post shaving. Soothing and healing products are used to get the skin back up to full health again. Perfect as an introduction into male skincare!

— Lucy

In clinic treatments and a tailored home skin routine in place for just a few weeks and already combatting my 17 year old boys years of untreated teenage acne. Working wonders!

— Jane B


How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is most commonly seen through redness, sore patches, itching or a burning sensation on the surface of the skin, this may be after applying new products or as a result of long term damage. Sensitivity usually appears on the cheeks as we are the most reactive here, but can be anywhere on the body.

Why does skin become sensitive?

Skin can become sensitive through prolonged use of incorrect products, the persistent use of harsh chemicals, perfumes or alcohols will damage the lipid barrier over time causing the skin to become weaker and more prone to the elements. Sensitivity can also be due to a number of health related reasons, allergies, constant environmental exposure or skin disorders such as eczema or rosacea. Shaving daily with incorrect razors can cause rashes and sore skin which is then directly exposed to the elements and aftershave.

Why do products sting when I use them? 

If products are stinging after you have applied them, this is most likely due to the fact that the Hydrolipidic Barrier (the outer shield of our skin) has been compromised and is weak. If this barrier is compromised it means that anything coming into contact with your skin is sinking straight through to the new, inner layers of skin. These brand new layers of skin cells inside aren’t strong enough to cope with the active ingredients and can then become damaged, resulting in a stinging sensation. The outer layer of our skin is there to protect these cells from outside exposure.

Will my skin ever become non-sensitive?

Any condition such as sensitivity, redness or Rosacea requires a management process rather than having a cure. With this skin type, we provide the correct products and treatments in order to control any sensitivity and redness. It can be controlled and managed through bespoke home care and you may never have a flare up again, however your skin will always be prone to sensitivity.

If you ever experience something that you consider out of the ordinary or anything unexpected post treatment, please inform us immediately.