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Bespoke Medi-Facials for Men

At SKIN lounge we approach your skin in a unique way to other salons you may have visited before. Male skin can be totally different from females, which is why we completely bespoke our facials to the individual each and every time. The reason for this is that skin changes from month to month and requires different care to get the best results. Our luxury, advanced facials combine a spa like experience with result focussed products to provide your skin with an amazing, lasting results.

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Procedure Time
45-105 minutes
Back to Work
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Bespoke Home Care Regime

How does it work?

Using the fantastic range of Alumier MD skincare we thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and massage the face and décolletage, we then apply a mask and perform a head massage. The treatment is then finished with moisturiser and SPF. This luxury bespoke facial will target your individual skin concerns and leave your skin totally transformed.

Facials explained

30 minute Bespoke Medi-Facial – A quick 30 minute, deep cleansing facial – perfect for the man on the go or who wants an insight into skincare.
60 minute Bespoke Medi-Facial – 60 minutes of relaxation and results, preparing your skin to look naturally fresh with skin conditions improved.



Junior Practitioner Aesthetic Practitioner Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner
30 minute Bespoke Medi-Facial £37 £58 £61
60 minute Bespoke Medi-Facial £37 £58 £61
Add Steam and Extraction £21 £29 £32
Add LED Phototherapy £16 £29 £32


Great friendly service. Really relaxing facial which helped me to de-stress. Fantastic.

— Tom


What’s the difference between the facial treatments?

Like a lot of our treatments you buy time with us – the longer we have the more we can do. We created the Mens range of facials to suit everyone whether they’re really busy or have more time to relax.

What’s the difference between a cosmetic and cosmeceutical?

A cosmetic is a product that you can buy over the counter in a department store which only has a temporary effect on the surface of the skin whilst it is applied – what you apply in the morning is simply washed down the sink at night. A cosmeceutical is a professional product that uses active ingredients with high concentrations and are scientifically proven to penetrate deeper into the living part of your skin to ensure visible, lasting results.

What if I have sensitive skin?

We totally personalise each and every facial treatment to suit your skin on the day. Male skin can become more sensitive through constant shaving and may need an extra bit of TLC sometimes. We aim to deliver visible results for every skin type.

I’ve booked a facial, should I shave immediately before?

We don’t recommend shaving immediately before coming for your facial, the day or night before will be more appropriate if you want to, as shaving can leave the skin feeling more sensitive and sometimes a little sore.

I have a beard, does that matter?

If you have facial hair, that part of your skin may not get a lot of contact with products however, it may well benefit from facial massage and steaming. Massage and steam help boost the blood flow to the surface of the skin causing better hair growth and healthier looking skin.

Why should I continue my care at home?

Imagine us as your ‘personal trainer’ and your home care products as your ‘healthy eating’. Coming for a facial will boost the skin but will have an unlimited lasting result if you are using a cosmeceutical product regime at home.

How long until I can apply make-up?

We would like you to stay foundation free for around 6 hours after treatment to allow your skin to breathe. We suggest mineral foundation is used to keep the pores clear and unblocked.

Is there any age restrictions?

We have age restrictions on all of our treatments at SKIN Lounge due safety reasons and the body constantly changing. Luxury facials require a minimum age of 16 years old.