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Move Over Menopause

Did you know that once the Menopause hits – your body ceases production of collagen altogether! So that stuff that keeps our skin looking young, radiant and healthy… is not produced anymore!! Very sad news for us ladies!

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Procedure Time
45-60 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
None - Uncomfortable
Healing Time
2-4 weeks
Best For
Over 40's
No. Of Treatments
Immediate - Progressive
Dependable on results
Product Aftercare
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MOVE OVER MENOPAUSE! Is the incredible SKIN lounge Signature package designed to kick start and bring back our much loved friend – Collagen, in full force!

MOM Signature Package includes:

1 x Half Face HIFU treatment
1 x Venus Freeze Face and Neck treatment
1 x Clearlift Face and Neck “Hollywood Facial” treatment
1 x IPL Skin Rejuvenation Face and Neck treatment

Clinical photos will also be taken to document your journey from beginning to end.

This package includes four separate treatments planned by our specialists around your healing time.




Junior Practitioner Aesthetic Practitioner Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner
- - £1,500

Saving £150 across technologies.



Staff Review

"With all the years experience I have working with menopause aged women, I truly understand the challenges that women go through. This is why I have created this truly wonderful package to help women regain their confidence and start feeling their best! And trust me... it's never too late to start looking after yourself"

— Rachel

I was excited to try HIFU but wasn’t sure it would really work for me. I have lost a lot of weight, which has left me with excess loose skin along my jawline and neck. HIFU has made such a huge difference to the way I look which has had a massive boost to my confidence. To say I’m happy is a huge understatement! Have HIFU – it’s amazing!

— Jane