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Signature Clarifying Facial at the Richmond Hill Hotel

With deep cleansing techniques used, this 30 minute facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed and awake as we banish any impurities. Detoxifying masks and an invigorating head massage will see you unwind in our soft and cosy beds whilst your skin is renewed.

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Procedure Time
30 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
Healing Time
Best For
Acne, oily or congested skin
No. Of Treatments
Immediate/ Progressive
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Homecare Regime


How does it work?

Our bespoke Clarifying facial was created for those who feel their skin would benefit from a really deep clean. Sometimes, the build up of oils and dirt on our skin can become trapped under dead skin cells if not being cleaned thoroughly enough. This can then lead to breakouts, blocked pores, acne related issues and the common shiny T-zone.

Using the fantastic range of Alumier MD skincare we thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate the skin using ingredients such as Salicylic Acid. The treatment is then finished with the correct moisturiser and SPF. This luxury bespoke facial will target your individual skin concerns and leave your skin totally transformed.




Junior Therapist Senior
Signature Clarifying Facial - £58 £61


Staff Review

This is the perfect option for deep cleansing the skin and cleaning out the pores in a shorter time frame. Sometimes, the products we have at home aren't efficient enough to clean the skin so having a professional really clean out all the impurities makes the world of difference!

— Lucy

Great service and a very lovely facial with some brilliant advice. Looking forward to returning. Thank you!

— Debs


What does Clarifying mean?

Clarifying for skin means working to penetrate deep into the skin to remove all the extra oils, dirt, impurities or makeup that has become clogged in the pores.

How should I cleanse effectively?

Correct cleansing should leave your skin looking and feeling clean without any tightness, redness or parched feeling afterwards. Using the correct cleanser for your skin will contribute to a healthy complexion. Cleansing should take place every morning and evening using warm water and a flannel. Anything less than this will not be doing the job properly.

What skin types suit a deep cleansing facial?

We can adapt all of our facials to suit your skin type, however the Clarifying facial is most suited to acne, congested or oily prone skin or anyone with blocked pores wanting a thorough clean. This facial is most popular amongst teenagers.

Why should I continue my care at home?

Imagine us as your ‘personal trainer’ and your home care products as your ‘healthy eating’. Coming for a facial will boost the skin but will have an unlimited lasting result if you are using a cosmeceutical product regime at home.

If you ever experience something that you consider out of the ordinary or anything unexpected post treatment, please inform us immediately.