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Signature Relaxation Face & Back Treatment at the Richmond Hill Hotel

It’s time to indulge yourself and wind down into full out-of-office mode in our beautiful Retreat Room. This sublime full facial and massage combination treatment awaits you while you sink into blissful relaxation.

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Procedure Time
90 minutes
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How does it work?

90 minutes of absolute bliss. This treatment includes a full hour facial and a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage. Using the fantastic range of Alumier MD skincare we thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and massage the face and décolletage, we then apply a mask and perform a head massage. The treatment is then finished with moisturiser and SPF.

Each part of this treatment is completely bespoke to what your skin and body needs. With only high quality products being used and an unrivalled SKIN lounge spa-style method you will not only notice the difference in your skin but also your body.



Junior Therapist Senior
Signature Relaxation Face & Body Treatment - £126 £137


Staff Review

The ultimate facial! This is true relaxation at its best including the full hour facial and a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage! You leave feeling like a new person. Amazing for a gift or for the utmost self-care treatment.

— Lucy

5 stars. Good ambiance and I caught myself snoring which apparently is a compliment, so great job!

— Kevin


What’s the difference between the Signature treatments?

Like a lot of our treatments you buy time with us – the longer we have the more we can do. We include the most result driven, professional products ensuring an incredibly relaxing facial but with the added benefit of medical grade results!
The major advantage to the Signature Relaxation Face & Body treatment is that we include a back cleanse, exfoliation and massage to the full facial treatment. If you have time, go for the Signature Relaxation – it’s amazing and makes a great gift too!!

Can I talk during my treatment?

Of course! We want you to be as comfortable as possible so whether that is chatting away to your therapist or having a snooze and drifting off elsewhere we don’t mind! As long as you feel relaxed, it is your time to have the most amazing experience possible.

Will all of my treatments be the same?

No two treatments are exactly the same, we bespoke each appointment you have with us and we base our techniques on what you need on the day. We take into account skin and body health and any lifestyle changes. If you ever experience something that you consider out of the ordinary or anything unexpected post treatment, please inform us immediately.

How can I maintain my skin between treatments?

We like to make sure you can continue the long lasting results at home after any treatment with us by handpicking a bespoke skincare regime. We can create a plan to suit every lifestyle and budget to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.