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The full list of treatments can be overwhelming when visiting for the first time. We offer a Full Skin Consultation and in depth product plan to get you started.

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Firstly, a consultation is the most important part of any skincare journey.

How do Consultations work?

We have several options when it comes to skin consultations, ensuring that you receive the correct information required. Our knowledgeable and friendly Aesthetic Practitioners conduct all of these sessions.

Full skin consultation
This is a comprehensive 60 minute skin assessment using the OBSERV 520x skin analysis machine. This machine allows us to gain a deeper insight and reveal all the signs of skin health and ageing that are invisible to the naked eye. Using 8 different light modes in 10 seconds, we will have a full skin health diagnosis and be able to see what is triggering the unwanted appearance.

The practitioner will carefully explain in detail your thorough examination and in-depth consult report to you. They will ask you questions about your lifestyle habits, current skincare and skin history to gain a full understanding of yourself and your skin health. We will record all these details, including notes, information and your full analysis, on your personal account to be able to refer back to at treatment 3 of your plan.

Seasonal skincare review
As the seasons change, our skincare needs to change with it to make sure we are fully enhancing our skin and seeing results. This review discusses specific skin conditions and provides advice on how you need to care for your skin as the next season approaches. The Seasonal skincare review includes a Dermalux Triwave therapy session.

The skin analysis section is complimentary with this review.

What skincare will I need?

We recommend luxury, medical-grade skincare with active ingredients that will positively change your skin. All of SKIN lounge Aesthetics staff have been fully trained by AlumierMD. AlumierMD awarded us the title ‘Diamond Providers for Excellence in Aesthetic Consultations,’ which allows our experienced practitioners to confidently discuss skincare regimes that address a wide range of concerns. You will leave feeling more confident about the appearance of your skin.

A consultation is an absolute necessity for any new client starting their skincare journey. It is of huge benefit to anyone with ongoing concerns or questions about the general appearance or condition of their skin. We completely bespoke each and every visit and will only recommend what is best for you.

Our treatment list is incredibly vast and includes options from quick skin fixes to advanced levels of laser therapy and RF Microneedling. Together, we will be able to create a perfect plan for you.


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VIP Members Aesthetic Practitioner Senior Aesthetic Practitioner
Full Consultation 60 mins - - £45
Seasonal skin review 60 mins - - £85


“My GP recommended SKIN lounge Aesthetics as a place that won’t try to sell me treatments I don’t need!”

  • Sylvia L.


How long is the session?

Our full skin consultations are 60 minutes and take place with our Aesthetic Practitioners.

What is included?

In every session we hold a consult discussion where we ask questions about your skin health and any previous issues you have experienced. We then take clinical photos of your skin using the Observ 520x device, this allows us to see much deeper into the skin. Once the report has been generated, we will then discuss through our observations and show you what is going on within the skin. From here, a treatment and product plan will be put in place for you to start seeing results as soon as possible.