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Skin Savings Account

We believe that investing in your skin is one of the best investments you can make for your overall health and confidence. That’s why we’ve created a unique savings account dedicated solely to your skin journey.

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Knowing you have funds set aside for any skin treatment gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying healthy, glowing skin without financial strain. You can use your Skin Savings Account for a wide range of skincare expenses, from products to more specialised treatments and for setting big skin goals. This gives you the flexibility to address your skin’s needs without feeling guilty.

The longer you invest, the more Saving Milestones your account will reach. With each milestone, we will reward you with a gift added to your account, this may be in the form of product or treatment. Milestone rewards arise 6 monthly and will continue to grow as your savings account does.

With a Skin Savings Account, you have the means to invest in products and treatments that enhance your skin’s appearance and overall health whilst easily managing the financial side of it too.

What’s Involved?

A Skin Savings Account works much like a regular savings account but with a specific focus on skincare.

  1. Deposit Funds: Start by setting up a super easy, monthly direct debit that transfers straight into your Account with us. This can then be used to save towards a big goal or as frequently as you need.
  2. Use for Skincare Expenses: Whenever you need to purchase skincare products or book a treatment, you can use the funds from your Skin Savings Account to put towards the total.
  3. Automatic payments: This allows you to maintain a consistent skincare routine without worrying about the financial burden or the strain of putting a large amount on a credit card.
  4. Keep things private: We understand that a lot of clients like to keep their personal, wellbeing expenses private from any joint accounts. Keep a manageable, monthly payment under the radar and make independent transactions without fear of judgment or interference from others.


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Minimum deposit £100 per month Direct Debit.