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Skin Treatment Packages

We believe in offering effective skincare solutions tailored to your unique needs. We understand that achieving radiant, healthy skin is a journey and to make this journey more accessible and economical for our clients, we have a range of Skin Treatment Packages.

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Why Choose Our Skin Treatment Packages?

1. Cost-Effective Savings:

Opting for our packages allows you to enjoy significant savings compared to paying for individual sessions. We’ve carefully crafted our packages to provide you with the best value for your investment, ensuring that achieving your skincare goals doesn’t break the bank.

2. Consistent and Progressive Results:

Skincare is a journey, not a destination. Each package is designed to encourage consistency in your skincare routine. Regular treatments lead to more progressive and long-lasting results, enhancing the overall health and appearance of your skin.

3. Expert Guidance and Consultations:

Our experienced skincare professionals are dedicated to guiding you throughout your skincare journey. With package commitments, you gain further access to expert recommendations, ensuring that your treatments are optimised for the best possible results. With a continuous course, your skin practitioner is able to challenge the skin slightly further with each session, meaning you will constantly achieve better results.


What treatments come as packages?

Body Treatments

T-shape Body Remodelling – Course of 10, 6 or 3 sessions
Laser Hair Removal – Course of 10 sessions

Skin Treatments

Clearlift Laser – Course of 6 sessions
Clearskin Acne Laser – Course of 6 sessions
iPixel Skin Resurfacing – Course of 3 sessions
Skin Rejuvenation – Course of 3 sessions
Alumier Peel  – Course of 6 sessions
Dermalux Medi-Facial – Course of 12 or 6 sessions
RF Microneedling – Course of 3 sessions

How do I purchase a package?

We don’t expect you to know what treatments or packages you will need for your skin. After your Full Consultation, your skin practitioner will be able to recommend the correct path of treatment based on your unique skin needs and your Observ 520x Clinical photographs. You will then be able to purchase the courses of treatments upon checkout.



Pricing varies from package to package, please enquire for prices about your chosen treatment package.