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Tattoo Removal

SKIN lounge Aesthetics offers the award winning Harmony XL Pro for Laser Tattoo Removal. An effective solution for those who want to remove their unwanted tattoos anywhere on the body. We hold thorough consultations with our Aesthetic practitioners to discuss how to achieve the best results possible.

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Procedure Time
15-45 mins
Back to Work
Pain Level
Uncomfortable - painful
Healing Time
8 weeks
Best For
No. Of Treatments
Regular sessions at 8 week intervals
Product Aftercare


Photos Before and After Tattoo Removal using the Harmony XL Pro
3 Sessions
10 weeks apart



VIP Members Aesthetic Practitioner Senior Aesthetic Practitioner
Small 1-3cm £80 £80
Medium 4-8cm £120 £120
Large 9-14cm £180 £180
Extra large 14-20cm £260 £260

Our pricing structure above is a guide, precise quotes will be given upon consultation.



How does Tattoo removal work?

The laser is transmitted and absorbed by the large pigment particles, this leads to rapid heating and photoacoustic damage which shatters the pigment particles. The pigment fragments are then removed via a process called phagocytosis. This is when specific cells called Microphages (a type of white blood cell) engulf the ink particles and dispose of them via the lymphatic system.

Will it get rid of the tattoo altogether?

Although there is no guarantee that the treatments will remove the tattoo altogether, many clients show minimal remnants of the tattoo. It will definitely be reduced enough for a successful cover up tattoo.

How long does each session take?

This is very dependant when considering all factors such as size, shape and colouring of your tattoo as well as the age, ink density and location. Each session can last up to 45 minutes, for very large pieces, we may have to split this into multiple sessions rather than doing it all at once if the area is very large. We leave an interval of 8 weeks between each session so that we can ensure full healing.

What does it feel like?

They say if you can have a tattoo, you can have tattoo removal. It is not a comfortable experience with some areas being much more sensitive than others. The pain only lasts whilst the laser is being applied and quickly disperses once the treatment has stopped. The larger the area, the more painful it can become due to the length of time spent administering the laser.

What will I experience after my first session?

You will see whitening on the surface of the skin immediately following treatment, which is known as frosting, which is an action from the laser breaking down the tattoo ink. It is normal and usually subsides within the hour. In the 24-72 hours following treatment, you might experience redness or a slight elevation of the skin, similar to sunburn. Due to the high quality technology that we use, only the pigmented skin will be treated, leaving the surrounding skin completely untouched reducing the overall downtime.

My tattoo is very colourful, does that make a difference?

With our incredibly advanced laser technology, we can remove all colours from tattoos, however not all colours respond the same. Black ink is the easiest to treat and usually the quickest, whereas red, yellow and green can take longer. It will also depend on the quality of the ink that was used. The higher the quality of ink the easier it will be to treat. If a tattoo was not done by a professional, it may take longer to treat as long as the ink hasn’t been put too far into the skin.

How soon after getting a tattoo can I have it removed?

We need to wait until the skin has fully healed from having the initial tattoo, once the skin is healed we can start the removal process.

Is there any aftercare?

We would recommend attending your tattoo removal sessions wearing loose clothing over the area. We do not need to dress the area afterward but we do like to ensure the skin can settle and start to heal as quickly as possible. Make sure you don’t have tight clothes or jewellery in the area that may cause further discomfort. When washing, make sure that there is no prolonged soaking of the area and carefully pat dry afterwards. We recommend to leave the skin as much as possible so it can begin the healing process and any scabbing. Do not apply any creams or vaseline to the area and do not shave or have any other treatments over the area.

Are there any other treatments recommended to have after tattoo removal?

We would definitely recommend the Dermalux LED Light Therapy – this is the perfect treatment for post intense laser sessions. It will massively accelerate the bodys natural healing response to trauma inducing treatments meaning a quicker recovery time.