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The Worlds Greatest Facial

A SKIN lounge exclusive and transformative treatment that delves deep into every layer of your skin, igniting a powerful collagen-boosting process like no other.

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Procedure Time
01:45 - 2 hours
Back to Work
Pain Level
Mostly comfortable, prickly in certain areas but quickly subsiding
Healing Time
No surface healing, all healing is internal
Best For
30 - 60 year old
No. Of Treatments
Immediate - progressive
Once a quarter
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Home care routine

Having been meticulously crafted by SKIN lounge practitioners, this scientifically advanced procedure is designed to target and address every aspect of ageing. From the epidermis to the dermis, our expert aestheticians utilise cutting-edge techniques and premium products to unleash the true potential of your skin.

Collagen, the key protein responsible for skins elasticity and firmness, often diminishes with age. But fear not! Our facial boasts a groundbreaking approach to collagen stimulation. Through a combination of state-of-the-art techniques, technologies and potent formulations, we kickstart your skins collagen production revealing a more youthful, plump, and radiant complexion that stands the test of time.

No corner of your skin is overlooked during The Worlds Greatest Facial. Starting from gentle exfoliation that clears away dead skin cells to penetrating serums that hydrate and nourish deep within, each step targets different layers of your skin ensuring a holistic rejuvenation process that leaves you glowing from the inside out.

This facial includes:

Hydrating HIFU treatment
Clearlift Hollywood Facial
Dermalux LED Phototherapy
Bespoke Brightening products

*Immediate results from one treatment.






Junior Practitioner Aesthetic Practitioner Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner
Worlds Greatest Facial - £495 £495


Staff Review

In my 20+ years in the industry, I have never known results like this! The immediate hydration that you see from this facial is unbelievable.

— Rachel


How often can I have this treatment?

This facial can be had once a month but if you don’t have time, once every other or once per quarter will still have great effects!

How long will the results last?

We are hugely stimulating the collagen which is a 3 month process so results will continue to be seen throughout this period. This facial has serious long term benefits as well as protecting for the future by strengthening and increasing elastin and collagen fibres.

Is there any downtime?

Due to the specific methods and advanced technology we use, there is no downtime seen on the surface of the skin. We are causing micro contractions in the tissue below the surface meaning that all healing is internal. The skin can look a little flushed afterwards but this will subside in an hour or so. The skin will look awake and hydrated after this facial.

Who is this facial best for?

This facial is great for anyone serious about redefining ageing and wanting to protect their collagen for the future. However, we recommend it to anyone from the age of 30 who is starting to see visible affects of ageing. This facial is the perfect answer to all skin issues we see through Perimenopause and Menopause due to its hugely collagen stimulating nature and the intense hydration from Hyaluronic Acid.

Why have we created this facial?

The Worlds Greatest Facial was designed with Menopause in mind. During menopause, the body undergoes significant hormonal changes, particularly a decline in estrogen levels. These hormonal fluctuations can have various effects on the skin, leading to specific changes and challenges such as increased wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, thinning skin and increased sensitivity. We wanted to create a particular treatment to address these changes and keep your skin healthy and vibrant whilst at the same time, keeping it low maintenance to fit in with busy schedules. Ultimate results in a short time period.

If there is multiple technology used, will I get limited results from each?

Even though we have combined 3 different technologies and a series of powerful skin products you still receive a full treatment of each. We do not lessen the energy or time just because we are combining treatments. Each of the modalities used have been handpicked to compliment each other and boost the others results. This is four treatments in one!