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Ultimate Acne Package

We have designed the best combination of treatments and skincare in order for you to reach your ultimate goal. Dependant on time and budget and with 3 tiers to choose from, we have created bespoke packages for everyone to enjoy.
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Procedure Time
45 - 90 minutes
Back to Work
Pain Level
Relaxing - Uncomfortable
Healing Time
Up to 5 days
Best For
Anyone looking for Acne treatment
No. Of Treatments
Bi-weekly - Monthly
Product Aftercare
Bespoke Homecare Regime

Ultimate Acne Package


1 x Clarifying Facial with Steam and Extraction
2 x Cosmeceutical Face Peel with Steam and Extraction
1 x Ultimate Boost Serum

Saving £38.50


3 x Cosmeceutical Face Peel with Steam and Extraction
3 x Dermalux LED Phototherapy
3 x Clearskin Acne Laser Facial
1 x Retinol Resurfacing Serum
1 x Ultimate Boost Serum

Saving £272


6 x Clearskin Acne Laser Facial
6 x Cosmeceutical Face Peel with Steam and Extraction
6 x Dermalux LED Phototherapy Facial
1 x Ultimate Boost Serum
1 x Retinol Resurfacing Serum
1 x Acne Balancing Serum

Saving £549



Junior Therapist Senior
Bronze Tier - £415 £415
Silver Tier - £950 £950
Gold Tier - £1,800 £1,800


Staff Review

Acne is a problem that can present itself in many different ways which is why a combination of technologies works best. By doing this we can treat the underlying cause as well as the sensitivity, inflammation and scarring seen on the surface. Once we have controlled the acne we can then make sure the quality of the surface of the skin is in good condition too!

— Lucy

In clinic treatments and a tailored home skin routine in place for just a few weeks and already combatting my 17 year old boys years of untreated teenage acne. Working wonders!

— Jane B

I have had two treatments so far and the results are amazing! My redness has gone down so much and the spots have calmed down massively! The treatment feels a mixture of hot and cold and the spot vacuum is just a quick zap. I’m looking forward to the next treatments

— Hollie


Will my acne look better straight away?

Treating acne is a journey and with all acne treatments it will look worse before it gets better, this is because we are extracting everything lying under the skin and bringing it to the surface, so please don’t think the treatments are making your skin worse! Purging can occur once the skin has been stimulated but is the beginning of the clearing out process.

Why do I need steam and extraction?

Extraction is a vital part of all acne treatments. We must get out the dirt and bacteria lying within the pores, this is what is causing skin to breakout due to constantly building up and blocking the pores. It is not the nicest part of the treatment but is a must if you want to begin combatting acne.

Will my acne ever completely go away?

Acne is one of those skin conditions that is managed and not cured. You may always have acne prone skin, however with the correct treatment and a bespoke home care routine no one would ever know. The key is understanding your skin and knowing what is going to cause a breakout and how to keep it at bay. For example, your skin may be at perfect health but one night sleeping with makeup on can cause you to breakout the next day, as you’re prone to getting clogged pores, but knowing that a quick evening routine will save you from having to deal with that.