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Ultimate Acne Solution Package

Acne or problem skin in all variations are extremely common and can affect a range of ages and skin types. This is why we have put together a course of treatments specifically targeted to treat Acne.

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Procedure Time
45-60 mins
Back to Work
Pain Level
None - uncomfortable
Healing Time
Up to 5 days
Best For
Acne skin
No. Of Treatments
Product Aftercare
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Our Ultimate Acne Solution is an amazing combination of 4 powerful treatments spread over a course of 8 weeks, which not only targets the surface of the skin helping to clear the canvas but also targeting the actual cause of the blemishes including killing the bacteria which lies in the deeper layers. We have put together this wonderful package to help people who really suffer with bad acne and want a solution once and for all. This package can achieve beautiful and more importantly – healthy skin.

During this 8 week programme we are focussing on weekly treatments to stay on top of killing all the bacteria that lies underneath the skin and prevent any new breakouts from occurring.

Ultimate Acne Solution package includes:
A Clarifying and deep cleansing facial with steam and extraction
2 x Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatments
4 x Clearskin Laser treatments
2 x AlumierMD Acne Chemical peels

Within this programme we are also providing you with a full size home care kit for you to use daily throughout your whole programme, free of charge. This skin care kit usually costs £161.50 and contains:

Acne Clarifying Cleanser
Bright and Clear Solution
Acne Balancing Serum
Clear Shield Sunscreen

The order of treatments:

Week 1 – Clarifying Facial with steam and extraction and a Dermalux LED treatment
Week 2 – Clearskin Laser Facial
Week 3 – AlumierMD Chemical peel
Week 4 – Clearskin Laser Facial
Week 5 – Dermalux LED Phototherapy
Week 6 – Clearskin Laser Facial
Week 7 – AlumierMD Chemical peel
Wek 8 – Clearskin Laser Facial

For more information on how to prevent acne please read our blog post for professional tips and tricks to help you along the way.

RRP cost of the whole package: £1,318.50
Package cost: £1,095




Junior Therapist Senior
Ultimate Acne Solution £1,095 £1,095


I never, in a million years, thought that my skin would ever look this goooooddd. I’ve already noticed (and so have many others) that my skin has improved significantly (including a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring), after only three AlumierMD Glow peels, and now no longer feel the need to cover up in makeup everyday. I love SKIN Lounge! x

— Fay